Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero
Review & Test Results…

I recently purchased the Commission Hero training course by Robby Blanchard and put it to the test to see if the course material lived up to the hype. Below you will find the results of my test and my thoughts on the program.

By Brock Hamilton | Last Updated May 05, 2020

Robby Blanchard was named by Clickbank as the winner of their clickbank affiliate competition for January 2019 as their highest earning affiliate. Below is a 13 minute interview he did at ClickBank Headquarters when he won the competition followed by my Commission Hero Review and results from my testing.

Commission Hero Review & Test Results

Can You Really Make $1k per Day With The Commission Hero System?

Hi, Brock Hamilton here, Today I am going to share with you something that I think is pretty cool, and could have a massive effect on your life. I am going to review the Commission Hero training course, by Robby Blanchard.

And I am going to show you the results I personally got when I put Commission Hero to the test.

See, unlike a lot of other reviews you see around, I don’t review something unless I actually bought it myself, and tested it myself and today I am going to share the results of my Commission Hero testing with you.

So if you want to know if the Commission Hero system is a legitimate way to build an affiliate business, and if it is possible for a normal person to use it to make a full time income, then stay tuned, you are in the right place.

There are 3 Questions I always try to answer when I am considering buying a course:

1: Does the Commission Hero system work?
2: Can Commission Hero work for Me?
3: Should I buy the Commission Hero course?

Why Are These Questions Important?

 Look, there are a lot of courses out there, promising you the world, riches beyond your wildest dreams at the push of a button. I am sure you have seen your fair share of these products and courses aimed at affiliate marketers. A lot of them are just complete BS sold by people who have no idea what they are talking about and have no business putting out a course.

Then there are a lot of courses that teach methods that worked 2 or 5 or 10 years ago, but no longer do.

But then there are some courses, like commission hero by Robby Blanchard that do exactly what they promise. These are the only ones I am interested in buying and learning from. So before you buy any course, you need to figure out if its legit, and if its worth your time, energy and money.

Secondly, it’s important to decide if this is something that can work for you. We are all different, have different needs, personalities and time restraints and budgets. So an online marketing business model that suits one person, doesn’t always suit everyone.

so we will take a look at who the commission hero course is suitable for, and who would be better off doing something else.

And finally, should you invest in commission hero?

Ultimately, This is a question that only you can answer, but I can give you a few pointers to make that decision an easier one.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Commission Hero Review in the webinar, Robby Blanchard Claims to be the #1 Affiliate on Clickbank. The full story is that in Jan (2019) Clickbank held a kind of leaderboard competition to see who could do the most sales in that month.

Robby won the competition, and for that month at least, was ClickBanks highest earning affiliate. You can verify that (as I did) on clickbanks website, they have posted a few articles and interviews with Robby talking about this if you want to check it out yourself.

Robby actually went on to generate over 1Million dollars in sales per month, for 2 months in a row. Now obviously those are gross sales figures, not profit. In the course robby teaches you how to run facebook ads to generate these commissions, so there are obviously advertising costs required to generate over 1 Million Dollars per month.

But we will get into that in a bit.

So, with that, I decided to jump in, and I purchased the Commission Hero course, paid in full, and now I am posting this commission hero review to show you my results.

What Is Commission Hero?

There are 2 main aspects to the Commission Hero course, the first is obviously the training videos, which you get access to, there is about 45 videos all up, that will take you from a complete beginner, to fully understanding the business model and how to run to for yourself.

Robby takes you step by step through the process of setting up your Facebook Account, building landing pages, getting ad images, and writing ad copy, finding the right offer and running facebook ads to your landing pages in order to generate commissions as a clickbank affiliate.

It’s a complete walk through of the system and how Robby makes money online via commissions using paid ads, and I found it very easy to follow.

There are also many people who are complete beginners inside the course, who are making their first ever online commissions, so the course caters to everyone from the complete beginner, even up to the guy whos been around doing this stuff for almost 20 years.

The second aspect of the course is the Support that Robby offers all his Commission Hero clients. There is a Facebook group, which right now stands at almost 1,400 members, which is a place where you can talk to other heros who are doing the course, and ask any questions you have as you go through the course materials, and start running your commission based affiliate business.

Robby himself is always in the group, answering questions and offering his guidance and advice, but so too are a bunch of other like minded people going through the same course you are, asking the same questions you will have.

I am actually quite surprised by the amount of time that Robby spends inside this support group answering questions, most of your questions will be answered within an hour, sometimes even within a few minutes of you asking. It really is a great support system.

Here Are My Commission Hero Results

So I purchased the course back in July, on the 26th to be exact.

It took me about a week to go through the course and start getting things setup.

Robby shows you how to setup your facebook ads account, and suggests you spend a couple of weeks warming up your account, before you start running the actual ads.

August 2019

So in the first couple of weeks in August, I spent a couple of hundred dollars warming up my account using facebook ads testing ad images. At this point we are not yet even trying to earn commissions, we are just getting setup, building our landing page and getting ready to run paid traffic though facebook advertising.

After warming up my accounts, I started to run some small $20 a day ads directing paid traffic back to the Clickbank offers using the landing page that Robby Recommends we promote.

By the end of August, I had spent a total of $2,547 on Facebook ads.

And in that same time period I had generated $1,947 in affiliate sales.

First Month Results & Summary

August 2019: Total Adspend: $2,547, Sales Generated: $1,947, Refunds: $170 = $770 Learning Expense

Now all clickbank offers have a refund window, so you do need to take refunds into account, and that month I had $170 worth of refunds, leaving me with $1,776 in commissions off a $2,547 adspend.

At this point, I should mention that I made a few mistakes early on, and I probably wasted a few hundred dollars in adspend by not following Robby’s advise to the letter, that was my mistake, but let’s be honest, we all make mistakes every now and then.

Now, these figures may not look great, but at least you know I am being 100% transparent with you in this review, you can see my screenshots, and you can see that I am showing you my results from the course.

Taking a $700 or $800 loss in your first month is probably not ideal, but we are building a real business here, something that will support my family for years to come.

It will take some time to figure this stuff out, and it will take some commitment, both mentally and financially. As we all know, there is no such thing as instant riches, if you want to make this work you need to put in the effort to get to success.

September 2019

Ok, so the next month of September, I continued testing ads just like the course shows you how to do, I had some new images made up by a graphic designer I hired from and I kept testing different ad variations.

So in total I spent $3,571 on Facebook ads for the month of September.

And I generated a total of $3815 in affiliate sales so I kinda made a profit, but then remember we need to factor in the refunds, which came to a total of $686 this month.

Leaving me with $3,129 in commissions from an adspend of $3,571

September Results & Summary

September 2019: Total Adspend: $3,571, Sales Generated: $3,815, Refunds: $686 = $442 Learning Expense

So again, I lost a few hundred dollars this month, not a great result, but also not the end of the world, remember we are learning a new business, to expect to be profitable from day 1, is just unrealistic.

We are also seasoning our Facebook Pixel with all these sales.

For those of you who don’t know what I mean by that, the power of facebooks advertising platform is its pixel. You see when you setup your account you will get a little bit of code from facebook and you will ask the product owners we are promoting to ad your code to their thank you page.

What this does, its let’s facebook see who bought the product, so everytime someone buys it, facebook will be able to see who bought it, and will be able to analyse the data they get from that pixel.

Over time the more sales you get, the better Facebook will be able to predict who else will want to buy that particular product. And they will start to show your ads only to poeple who fit this profile.

Now, if all this sounds really complicated, trust me, its not, it all happens behind the sceens, and the commission hero course will show you step by step how to set it up.

So anyway, getting back to my results.

By the end of September, I had generated about 145 sales so my pixel was starting to get a better idea of who it should be sending ads to.

So at this point. (Just like Robby shows you in the course) I created a new set of ads, that were less reliant on my own targeting choices, and more reliant on Facebook’s Pixel being able to choose who it shows my ads to.

This is where the real power of the commission hero system starts to work for you, and why I was happy to spend a bit of money in those first couple of months in order to gather the data that I needed.

October 2019

So In October I created my new ads with less targeting, leaving it up to Facebook to use my pixel data to run my ads for me.

In the first week of October, I spent a total of $292 on these new ads and generated $503 in sales (after refunds)

So I had my first profitable week, and made $200 profit.

The next week I scaled my ads up a bit, just like Robby shows you in the course.

And I spent a total of $910 on ads, and generated $2,073 (after refunds) in commissions.

This week, I made a total of $1,163 Profit.

So the power of Facebooks Pixel was really starting to work at this point. (just like Robby said it would)

Week 3 of October, I continued to scale, I showed Robby what I was doing (in the support group) and he offerd a few tips which I followed.

So this week, I spent a total of $1,574 on ads, and generated $3,632 in Commissions.

That’s a total profit of $2,058 for this week.

I also did my first $1k day on the 17th of this month, I actually hit $1,089.75 in sales that day.

So the 4th week of October (22nd to 28th) I spent a total of $2,112 on ads and generated $4,920 in commissions

For a total profit of $2,808 for the week.

I had my second $1k day on the 27th of October, and then on the 28th, I actually did my first $1k Profit in a single day.

On the 28th I spent a total of $372 on ads, and generated 1486 in commissions giving me a total profit of $1,114 for that day.

Now that was a single day, but as I continue to scale, I am sure I will see more and more of these days.

There we are few more days in October, so my total October stats looked like this:

My total Adspend for October was $5,811

And the total sales generated for October was $14,353

October Results & Summary

October 2019: Total Adspend: $5,811, Sales Generated: $14,228, Refunds: $1,222 = $7,195 Profit

So at $7,195 profit in my third month, it more than covers the losses I took in the first 2 months, and has set me up to continue making good money going forward.

Based on the last two weeks, I earned an average of around $2400 per week profit.

So even if I decided not to scale this up even more, and just maintained were I am at now, I could reasonably expect to make about $120k a year in commissions from this campaign.

Obviously I want to make more than that, in fact my goal with this system is to scale it until I am making at least $10k a week, but this first 3 months has proven to me, without a shadow of a doubt, that the system works.

November Results & Summary

Quick update on how things have progressed with the Commission Hero course. November 2019 I spent a total of $15,269 on Facebook ads:

And generated a total of $31,724 in sales commissions. It was a great month for sales, but I did get a fair few refunds this month, and I also probably let a few of my ad campaigns run at a loss “hoping they would come back” instead of just killing them and creating new ones. But it’s all a learning process and I am still pretty happy with $9k profit.

November 2019: Total Adspend: $15,269, Sales Generated: $31,724, Refunds: $4,683 = $11,772 Profit

December Results & Summary

Merry Christmas, December has been an interesting month, some great days, and some not so great days. The start of the month was going pretty well, but then a week or so before Christmas I had some ups and downs. Some great days, some break even days and even a couple of days where I lost some money.

The site I am promoting was actually hacked one day, so I had a really bad day that day.

I think a lot of people were more focused on buying Christmas presents than they were buying stuff for themselves. Which is understandable.

Overall though I can’t complain as it was still a great profitable month. I spent $17,920 in adspend for the month.

And generated a total of $31,434, with $2,102 in refunds

December 2019: Total Adspend: $17,923, Sales Generated: $31,434, Refunds: $2,102 = $11,409 Profit

So For Question 1: Does the System Work?

Answer: YES!

Next we need to decide if the commission hero business model is suitable for you, and I am going to be completely honest here, this course is definitely not for everyone. And I know, a lot of marketers say that, and yeah, its usually Bullshit. But in this case it’s the truth.

Who Is The Commission Hero Course Not For?

You saw in my results above that I spent about $2500 on ads in the first month, and only made $1947 back, effectively taking a loss over $500 in my first month.

Now, not everyone can stomach that kind of outlay to test a system. Hell, some people can’t handle risking money at all, they want to be profitable from day 1 or they throw in the towel.

So if this is you, then this course probably isn’t for you.

Another thing to consider is the fact that when you advertise affiliate offers like this through Facebook, you do run the risk of having your facebook advertising account shutdown.

This is a fairly common problem that a lot of people run into when they start to use Facebooks ad platform. And in fact I had a facebook ad account of mine shut down a few years just for running ads to one of the products I was selling on Amazon.

Now in the course, Robby addresses these concerns, and gives you instructions on both how to avoid account shutdowns, and how to recover if it does happen to you. (No, its not the end of the world) You can open new accounts and start again if you follow the advice in the course.

But if you are the type of person who can’t handle this type of bump in the road, then again, this course is probably not for you.

The Reality Of Success

As you have seen in my commission hero review, it took me 3 months before I figured out how it all works and got my ads dialled in. Now I am sure there are people who have seen success faster than that, and I am sure there are others who will take longer.

But my point is, this is a real business, and it needs to be treated like one if you want to make it work long term.


So who is Commission Hero for?

If you are an online marketer who has seen some success in the past and you are looking for another way to add to your income through Facebook, ClickBank and affiliate marketing, then you are probably the ideal person for this course.

If you are just starting out online, and you are fully committed to starting your online business and you are willing to spend the time to learn and implement the information in the course, then I personally can’t think of a better way to start. There are a ton of first timers within the Commission Hero support group, so you certainly won’t be alone.

And finally, if you are a student, or graduate, or even a retiree. As long as you are committed to putting in the time, (maybe a few months) working at least 1 hour a day on this, and you do have some funds to use for your ad budget, then this course is one of the best ways to get started making money online that I have seen in a long long time.

Question 2: Can Commission Hero Work For You?

My Answer is: Well, that depends, I have explained what it takes to be successful with this business, and why its not for everyone, so it is up to you to decide if you have what it takes to make this business work.

You have seen the proof (above) that is does work, so the real question you have to ask yourself is:

How committed are you to making this work?

If your answer is anything less than a 10, then I suggest you don’t bother.

Question 3: Should you buy Commission Hero?

​Again, that’s up to you, but from my experience (that I have shared with you on this page), it is 100% possible to make money with the methods taught in Commission Hero.

So, if you are interested in learning more, I suggest you watch the Free Training Webinar that Robby provides (links below) and get a feel for the model and for Robby’s teaching style. If you think it’s a good fit for what you are looking for then go for it. I did, and I am happy I did.

I’ve just added a current screenshot for anyone wondering if its still working in April 2020… It is.

Or you can skip the free training webinar and jump straight to the order form by clicking here.

Am I Offering A Bonus with my Commission Hero Review?

Look we are all Affiliate Marketers here (and if you’re not, then you soon will be) so yes, if you click on the link above and purchase the course, then I will earn a commission. Hey why else would I bother writing a Commission Hero Review at all?

Now a lot of people at this point, will throw in $74,000 worth of additional “Free Bonuses” if you buy through their link. But I think you are smart enough to know that most of those bonuses are a complete waste of time. (and are usually a bunch of old outdated courses they just paid $19 for reseller rights to).

So, I am going to offer you something a bit different.

Watch the webinar, and decide if this course is for you.

If it is, and you decide to purchase through my link, then I will give you 2 things:

1: Shoot me an email after you purchase, and I will send you my own personal “Cheat Sheet” to help you get started as fast as possible, and possibly even avoid a few of the mistakes I made. I will show you exactly how I setup my profitable campaigns, so you can just jump right in and use what is already working.

2: I will add you to my own personal Skype and/or Facebook contacts where you will be able to ask me questions and get my personal help getting things up and running. Don’t get me wrong, the support within the Commission Hero Facebook group is next level, but it never hurts to have someone who has been there, and done it to help you along the way.

So that’s my offer to you. Shoot me an email at once you purchase the course for your bonuses.

Ok, so that’s it for my commission hero review and how I am currently making money online.

If you have any questions, I will be monitoring this page and will answer then as best I can.

Otherwise, if you are ready to signup and watch Robby’s Free Training Webinar, click here.

Remember, once you purchase the course, shoot me an email, and let’s connect.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Commission Hero Legit?

Absolutely! You can read my full review and personal testing, but rest assured the course material found inside the Commission Hero works, and is a great way to build an online income.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the worlds most popular and most trusted Affiliate market places with over 20 years in business, 6 Million Products and reach over 200 million customers around the world.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a term used to describe an online business where “Affiliates” earn a commission to refer traffic to other businesses who sell products or services.

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an Affiliate Marketing course presented by Robby Blanchard who was named ClickBanks #1 Earning Affiliate in 2019.


  1. I like your down to earth and honest approach and you’ve obviously always been a very hard worker. A second income is a must for some people these days and this approach to affiliate business start-up gives me a lot more confidence than some articles I have read. Congratulations on your success and hope you go from strength to strength.

  2. Excellent overview of the entire course and process. Im going to watch the free training webinar by Robby soon, but if I have any more questions, what’s the best way to contact you?

  3. Hi Shah, Yeah, to be honest, I have had a Clickbank account for around 10 years, and have never really made much money from it… until now anyways.
    With the products I am promoting, there are no recurring subscriptions, so they are just one off payments. (plus upsells)
    I am averaging around a 12% refund rate, which is fairly good for the niche I am working in.

  4. yep, keep learning, you only fail when you stop trying, I had my Clickbank account for over 10 years before I really started using it.

  5. Interesting review, I want to be an affiliate marketer and I was looking at buying the wealthy affiliate course very soon, do you think robby blanchard’s marketing training would be better? What is their refund policy?

    • Hey Dan, I haven’t really looked at the wealthy affiliate course, so I can’t really comment, but I have been doing internet marketing for a long time, and I am happy I found this course.

      Blanchard Media do offer a refund policy for the commission hero course, but it’s not your standard 30 day money back guarantee, you can only take it up after 12 months of actually using the system, so I would suggest if your decision is based on getting a refund, then you probably shouldn’t bother.

  6. Thanks for all the detailed info… I’m considering this but wanted to know (not that it will be a deal-breaker for me), but the landing page that Robby uses, is it Click Funnel only? Or can you also use Ontraport?

    • Hi Delia, Robby does supply ClickFunnel landing pages, but they are pretty easy to rebuild in whatever platform you want. Personally I have now rebuilt the ones I am using in WordPress.

      • So you started out using Clickfunnels and now you build your landing pages in WP? Just asking because I know CF isnt cheap. Do you use Thrive?

        • Correct, I don’t use Thrive though, I use Divi and rebuilt a similar funnel landing page.

          • Superb review, probably the best and most honest of any product I have seen.

            Re Clickfunnels, I wouldn’t want to use it either as it’s way too expensive and I use Thrive Architect. If you don’t have Clickfunnels how do you get view of the landing pages to replicate them? Are they in a file to download or do you get a url to view them? Thanks.

          • Hey Craig, Yeah, Robby has links to the landing pages, and part of the course shows you how to use Spy tools to find what other big marketers are using as landing page. So I just model my pages off them.

  7. Hey!
    I think the article is absolutely refreshing. No one actually gives a step by step of what they went through. Thank you for your transparency. Quick question, even though this method probably isn’t meant for people who don’t have the money. Do you think a person who has a great credit score with access to credit cards could benefit from this program, as well? Meaning even though I’m not financially capable is this a risk you would take as far as starting g off with credit cards since within a 2 months span Inwould make back the return?

    • Thanks for the question Natasha, thought I am certainly not giving anyone financial advice here, I do know of quite a few people who are using credit cards to fund the business. Robby even talks about how to find cards that give you the best Frequent Flier miles in the course, because once you start spending larger amounts on your ads, you rack up the Miles pretty quickly and can travel with the free points.

  8. “At this point, I should mention that I made a few mistakes early on, and I probably wasted a few hundred dollars in adspend by not following Robby’s advise to the letter, that was my mistake, but let’s be honest, we all make mistakes every now and then.”

    What mistakes were those that we should avoid? It would be helpful to know as I would want to avoid unnecessary losses when starting out.

    • Good question, When I started running FB ads, I was using “Website Clicks” as the target, I got a ton of clicks, but no purchases, so I posted a question in the support group, Robby responded and told me to use Purchase Conversions as the target, and once I did that, I started getting sales almost immediately.

      • Curious on “Purchase Conversions” i’m in the same boat, was basing on clicks, follow robby’s advice and have the pixel for conversions. Is that what you mean? And how did that help you get sales? I have pixel set for purchase and still no sales.

        • Doesnt it have to pick up a sale first them it adjusts from that to the same type of group to target?

  9. Hey Anna, that’s cool, I appreciate your feedback, but I’d strongly suggest you change your belief system, because it is certainly possible to make that kind of money. Although I am not quite there yet, this week I did about $4,500 profit following this system.

  10. Thanks for this detailed review and I am impressed by yours and obviously Robby’s achievements. Though the course looks smashing but one should be ready to suffer initial losses in order to gain profits in the near future. Not to mention the fact that the commitment should be 100%.

  11. I hope you keep posting your results in the upcoming months. I am on the fence and will be watching!

  12. Well then. You’re willing to commit your personal time to helping someone accomplish good things with this? Color me impressed. It’s rare that you’ll find someone willing to commit personal time to helping others for anything at all, much less things like this. I also like how you’re upfront about it taking money to make money. I may have to check this out!

  13. This is a very honest, engaging review. I love how you look at things and make everything very user-friendly. You made things easy to understand and it made me interested in learning more. Thank you!

  14. This is probably the best course review via blog post that I’ve ever read. It’s certainly the most honest and transparent. Most people don’t understand that you can’t just buy a course/product and expect it to make you money. You actually have to put in the effort to see progress. You definitely did that and documented it all. Thanks for a wonderful review and I’ll definitely check out the free training webinar.

  15. I know some people are capturing emails, but personally I don’t. I know everyone tells you the money is in the list, but I have never had much success with email marketing. I make more money sending them straight to the offer, so thats what I do. But you can certainly test whatever you want, and see what works for you.

  16. Hmmmm, probably not, its about running ads, so you need to spend 30 mins to an hour a day working on it, it is not passive income.

  17. I know you can get $100 credits with Google ads, but this course only Teaches Facebook ads, I am not sure if there are any signup bonuses for FB ads.

    I think you’d realistically need at least $500 to $1000 to spend on ads, you can start small and build it up, but it will take time.

  18. I am very much considering purchasing the commission hero course. I have been interested in affiliate marketing for a while now and though there are so many articles and videos about it, none have come close being as detailed and informative as this. I appreciate this.

  19. I can’t really speak for anyone else, I know some people who have had success right away, and others who it takes some time and money to get going.

  20. Wow! This is a mind blowing to have seen a system like Commission Hero. It really works wonders. This review will go a long way to help a lot of people. Good to see this. Thanks.

  21. Wow, this is amazing. Your profits just increased and increased as you persisted. This is great inspiration for anybody looking to grow there own business. I’m sure Commission Hero can help anybody doing that.

  22. It is very refreshing to read a very honest review these days. Overall, how much start capital you think a small firm would need? I currently make about $500 profit each week but really would like to get more out of my business via ads.

  23. Hey Katty, I’m not trying to convince anyone to do the course, I’m just sharing my experience. You can certainly learn everything for free if you’re willing to put in the work.

  24. You don’t know. 90% of the courses I have bought over the years, I’ve never made a cent from.

  25. that’s hard to answer, it just depends on your experience, willingness to commit, how much time you spend, how much money you have to invest etc.

  26. It’s about being a middleman. You find a bunch of people who are looking for something, and find a solution for them, put them together and earn a commission for your trouble.

  27. Fantastic! Thanks for posting a “REAL” review. Most of these online are just templated posts generated in the affiliates area with no true results of them using the product themselves. What were you results for January?

  28. Hi,

    Thank you for the great review. I’m interested in this course, but I have one thing to worry about:
    I’m not from the USA and my country has very low limits to spend online 🙁 how can I scale to these numbers?!
    Also what about FB disabling ad accounts? What to do if this happens (in other words, where to get credit cards to pay for the ads in another FB account?)

    Thanks in advance

  29. This is amazing Brock and is by far the most honest and refreshing review of a make money online course that I have ever seen. I had already joined Commission Hero myself and before I did, I went around looking for reviews and couldn’t find a real one… they were just a bunch write ups regurgitating all the stuff you find in the automated webinar and sales page written by people who had clearly not bought the course. When I eventually joined, I said to myself that I would write a review in a style similar to the one you have written here so as to give people a real idea of what it could be like if they decided to purchase the course. I’m starting to go through it myself and come this April of 2020 I’ll have my review up whereby I document my journey and put it in the review just the way you’ve done here so others in the future will have a chance to see at least two real reviews by actual members. By the way… did you join the inner circle or you achieved all your results with just the basic front end course?

    • Hey Christian, Thanks for the comments, and welcome to the course. To answer your question, Yes, I did join the inner circle, mainly because I wanted to see the exact landing pages and targetting Robby was using, which helps speed up the time it takes to get results.

  30. Thanks for the great write-up. As others have said it’s hard to find an open review of these courses.

    Question for you – how do you take payment? To a PayPal account? Do you set up a LLC or just run it as an individual. I am in the UK so probably slightly different but it’s the one thing that I have always wondered about as it is essentially a business you are running.


  31. Wow Brock, what an excellent real life review. Do you feel that it’s necessary to join the inner circle in order to have faster success? How much is it please?

    • I don’t think its necessary to join the inner circle, but to be transparent… I did join because I wanted to get the exact landing pages that Robby was using with success. It does help speed up the learning process, but its certainly not required to be successful.

  32. Thanks for the review, really complete.
    I have a question, as I’m new to FB ads, is there a minimun budget that you would recommend? Is the conversion rate influenced by the amount of investment?
    Thanks again.

    • Not really, you can start with as little as $1 a day, or $5 a day, it will just take longer to get sales and data to feed your pixel.

      • How much is it to join the inner circle in commission hero?

        • I think its $297 per month, but I am not 100% sure.

  33. Brock, love your review! I found out about this from other affiliate marketers, but if rather you get the commission if I end up purchasing. Of course, your bonuses are more genuine and would like to take advantage of that, but one quick question. I’ve set aside $3000 to start a new online business and wonder if that would be enough to get things rolling, including the initial cost of the course?

    • Hey Jon, Its a hard question to answer, because I just don’t know where you are starting from, how much time you have to put in to it etc.

      But yes, I would say $3k is plenty to get you started. Obviously as things start to progress you will need to budget your adspend a bit, but that can work in your favor anyway.

      Taking things slow is not a bad thing with this method.

      Let me know if you decide to join.

  34. what about fb shutting down accounts for running ads to affiliate products specially in weight loss?

    • Yeah, it happens, and you need to learn to deal with it. But we don’t run ads directly to the products, we put them through our own landing pages first.

  35. Thank you for review! I am sure it will works after few month like you had in your experience, just have 1 question.

    Your story ends on December 2019 but comments to your story starts from middle of November. How its posibble?

    Thank you

    • Not sure what you mean, I posted this last year, and have made edits and answer questions every so often.

  36. Hi Brock.

    What a great review! I’ve been following Robby for 6 months now and I’m close to joining the program (been waiting for funds), How have your results been in 2020 if you don’t mind?

  37. Hi there, thanks so much for your detailed review:

    Q1} Will this course work for ClickBank products in Germany or Spain?

    Q2} My biggest concern here is getting my account shut down and my Credit Card banned? In EU it is not easy to get 10s of CCs without a real reason for that. I myself got only one CC for my business. So if my account got shut down and this CC got banned, how is it possible to get a new account?

    Q3} Sorry, is it that simple to open a new account when the old one is shut down by Facebook? I think Facebook must be smarter than that… Could you please elaborate more on this process (opening a new ad account when you fail to recover the old one).

    Q4} Doe the course touch on how to run ads for local businesses, or does it only focus on CB Products?

    Q5} Are there any up sells apart from the course fee?

    Thanks again for your excellent review.

  38. Thank you for sharing all your experience, you really helped me to clear many doubts I had about the course.
    I congratulate you on those three months of acting with an entrepreneurial mindset and applying step by step each lesson to get the results.

    What do you recommend when I start with commission hero, if my investment capital for Facebook advertising is not high?

    What options could I use instead of click funnels?

    I am saving to be able to buy the training.

  39. I have heard there in an upsell for the inner circle group. I was wondering if you had gotten into it when you did the program or did you only purchase the course?

  40. Hey Brock

    While your FB results are great, you offer ZERO proof that you purchased CH, let alone have even seen the training.

    Could you give a tour of the members area, share some screen shots or even a video, perhaps?

    That’d be very helpful for those of us on the verge of making a decision.


    • Hey Jason, yeah I could do those things, but let’s be honest, they are all pretty simple to fake. After reading my review, its up to you if you trust what I say or not.


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