How To Start A Fashion Blog

How To Start Up Your Own Fashion Blog

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I had my first ever blog up and running in less than an hour, thanks.
Great tutorials, made the setup very simple.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am now a Fashion Blogger.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Are you the next big thing in fashion? Have a great fashion sense? Do your friends and family turn to you for fashion advice? Do you have (or want) the latest ‘must have’ designer wear in your meticulously styled closet?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES, then you should seriously consider starting a fashion blog today.

According to a recent article in Harper’s Bazaar, designers and top brands spend over a BILLION dollar each year advertising online. That’s $1,000,000,000 they are paying to blog owners, websites, and influencers each year to reach the right audience.

Some fashion bloggers charge up to $15,000 per post, and some just do it for the love of fashion. But no matter what your particular motivation is, this article will help you get your fashion blog setup, and put you on the right track towards building your audience and turning it into your own online business.

So are you ready to learn how to start a fashion blog and make money?

It’s easy because I’m going to walk you though an easy and simple 5 step by step process.

So if you’re ready, let’s get to it.

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

In 5 Simple Steps on how to start a fashion blog

1. Choose a domain name for your fashion blog
2. Setup an account with a fast and reliable web host
3. Install your blogging platform (WordPress)
4. Choose and install a great looking fashion theme
5. Start adding your blog posts and sharing your content

Step 1 – Choose A Domain Name For Your Fashion Blog

Picking a domain name for your Fashion Blog is one of the most important steps in starting a successful blog. A great name that people can remember will have them coming back time and time again, but if they can’t remember it, chances are they will get lost on their way back to your new blog.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a name for your fashion blog.

Short & Sweet: You want to keep your domain name and short as possible so that it’s easier to remember. Most successful blogs have short names as long tedious names are easy for people to forget, or get wrong when they are typing them in. You want something catchy, witty or cute that people will remember.

One thing for sure, Keep it specific. 

As you’re starting a brand new fashion blog, you need to make sure the names are relevant to your specific fashion blog subjects. For example, you may be blogging about evening dresses, casual dresses, shoes, boots, or what you could ware at an office. What ever you blog about just make sure that there are some specifics, that way to will be easier to search for.  The easier it is for people to search for, the more people will visit it.

Make it more your Fashion blog with your own personal style.

Let’s assume you’ve have had a lot of success in fashion either by a designer or say a stylist, it would be good if you could include part or all of your name in the domain.  Now, if you haven’t achieved that height yet, then your name won’t need to be a huge part of your blog identity yet. In this case you can leave your name out of the domain, you can soon get people to know you through your fashion blog posts.

So, have you thought of a few names that you could use for your fashion blog, then lets test to see if any of them are available to use, simply use the name checker tool below to see.



Enter your desired domain name below and click ‘CHECK’ to see if it is available.

As soon as you have found a name you like, you can move on to the next step of how to start a fashion blog

2. Setup an account with a fast and reliable web host

OK Great, so now you have found a great name for your new fashion blob.  The next thing to do is find and choose a reliable Web Host company to store your files that make up your blog post.  This is where the files that make up your website will actually be stored, making your website accessible for people all around the world to see online

I personally use and recommend, they are a a popular web hosting service with really great competitive prices, and they have a real user-friendly interface. I have worked with GreenGeeks for years now and they have given me permission to offer readers of this website a special discount voucher to make getting started even easier.

So why not let’s take advantage of that by getting your Fashion Blog up and running right now.  Some people get a bit freaked out buy this, just relax because I’m going to walk you through all the process step by step.  it’s so easy

Click Here to take advantage of the special discount offer with

Now when you arrive at GreenGeeks you will see the screen below, and just need to click on the “Get Started Now” button.



Next you will need to register your new domain name by typing it into the box where it says “I Need To Register A Domain” and then click “Check Availability”.



Now all you need to do is fill out your account information, and then click on package plan to choose one that suits you



Now it really is up to you which plan you choose to use, however, I just recommend people go for a year or two in advance.  The reason being it just works out much cheaper for you in the long run.



So once you have filled out out the order form, simply check the details and click the “Create Account & Get Started” button.



When this is done, GreenGeeks will setup your web host, your new domain and link them both together for you. Then you’ll receive a welcome email from them with all your account login details included.

Keep them in a safe place and don’t panic if you don’t get the email straight away, it can take a few minutes and on some occasions a bit longer.  Once you have received your welcome email, you can move to step 3 of how to start a fashion blog. Install your blogging platform (WordPress)


Step 3 – Install your blogging platform (WordPress)


There are lots of different ways that you can actually build a fashion blog, and there’s software available on the market that you can buy to do this.

There’s also plenty of free scripts that you can use too.

WordPress is one of the best free blogging scripts that is currently available today and is being used by  literally millions of websites and blogs around the world today. If you’re contemplating being a serious fashion blogger, this is for you.

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular script; it’s incredibly user friendly and fully customizable.

WordPress will also allow you to make use of thousands of free pre-designed themes, which are available for you to change how your blog will look and feel.

(and just to let you know, I have built this website using WordPress).

This can be done later with just a few clicks here and there.

This means you will not have to spend your money on hiring, expensive web designers to get your fashion blog looking how you want it to look with your own personal style.

There are lots of different ways that you can actually build a blog, and there’s software available on the market that you can buy to do this.


There’s also plenty of free scripts that you can use too.  WordPress is one of the best free blogging scripts that is currently available and being used by literally millions of websites and blogs around the world today.

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular script; it’s incredibly user friendly and fully customizable, and search engines are very much used to it.  (and just to let you know, I have built this website using WordPress).

WordPress will also allow you to make use of thousands of free pre-designed themes, which are available for you to change how your blog will look and feel.  This can be done later with just a few clicks here and there. This means you will not have to spend your money on hiring, expensive web designers to get your blog looking how you want it to.

It can be a bit difficult installing your WordPress manually which is another good reason I use and recommend to you to use GreenGeeks.

What GreenGeeks have done that a lot of their competition haven’t done is to set their servers up to make it very easy to install WordPress with just a few clicks.

So how about you let me walk you through this now.

By now you will have received your welcome email from GreenGeeks, in that email there is a link to your Customer Login page, this will look like this:



Just enter your email and password (this was in the welcome email you received from GreenGeeks email) and click “Login to Account Manager”.

Once you’re logged in and  inside, you will see this screen below  This shows you your current account.



At first sight this page may appear a little daunting because there’re there’s so many options available on this page available for you.  At the moment you don’t need to know what all there different tasks are for, so just don’t worry about them.

We will, however, be coming back to this page later because we will be setting up your email accounts.  Later when your blog is up and running, this is the page where you will be able to check your visitor stats as well.

So, scroll down until you see the WordPress icon and click on it.



Once you’ve clicked on the WordPress Icon you will be a taken to the Softaculous Dashboard page. 

There you Click on “Install Now



This you will be taken to the page shown below.

Where the Blue Arrow #1 points to, “Custom Install” and make sure that it says “Custom Install”.  If it says “Quick Install” then you need to click on it, it will then say “Custom “Install”.

Choose Installation URL:  Check that your Domain name is written in there.  If it isn’t then type it in.

In Directory:  Where the Blue Arrow #2 points to, “test2” (in the ‘in directory box) delete it so it’s blank.

Admin and Password:  Add a username which can be anything you like, for example, Sophie’s Blog’.  I recommend that you change the password to a personal one only known by you and keep it in a safe space because that will be your Administration and Password to log in from now on.

Admin Email:  This will be your blog-site email address, for example “

Then scroll down and you will see this:



Select Plugins:  Leave these all un-ticked until later, we don‘t need these just yet, we’ll cover this section later on.

Email installation details to:  This is where you need to add your own private email address, it will have all the information about the installation process.

Then Click the “Install” bottom.



You will arrive at this page.

It will take abut 30 seconds while it loads up and installs for you.



When it has finished  installing you we see this  “Congratulations” page below.

So, Congratulations, well done, you now have your blog site live on the internet. 



Now, go to your internet browser and type in your blog-site URL and you will see your blog page which will look like the image below.

Don’t be alarmed though, this is what a blank WordPress install looks like. I say don’t be alarmed because we are now going to show you how to make it look spectacular.



Now type in your internet explorer your blog URL with wp-admin added to the end of it.  So for example: http://www.yourblogsiteURL/wp-admin/

You will be asked to enter your username and password that you created a few minutes ago.

You will then arrive at your WordPress Dashboard, this is where we’re going to make you blog site look amazing and yours.  In here I’ll show you how to make post, pages, upload pictures etc. The dashboard is the back end of WordPress

So let’s go do this right now.  Your WordPress Dashboard will look like this.

The first thing we’re going to do is choose a great looking theme for your blog.

So now we’re ready to move to the next section of how to start a fashion blog.



Step 4 – Choose and install a great looking fashion theme

OK, one thing is for sure, it’s now official, you’re live with your very own Fashion Blog that’s up and running right now.  This means that you have done all that so called ‘difficult horrible technical stuff’ that stops most people from getting this far.

So, well done to you and give you’re self a pat on the back.  You see, most people who want to start a blog never actually end up even starting, and you know why, because they think it’s too hard and they can’t be bothered to do some basic research to find out how to learn how to do it.  Well you did, so well done.

So now you’re ready to focus on the one thing that’s fun and easy, the creative stuff that only you can do for your own personal Fashion Blog.


Here Are Some Great Examples Of Really Nice Fashion Blog Sites

(click on the images to view them)

Get to know what you want before you start fashion blogging.

One thing for sure, the easiest way to choose a theme is to know what you want.  It can feel a bit like the chicken and the egg situation – which one came first.  Well I can promise you it isn’t.  Every great blog out there looks great because the blogger knew what they were about and therefor knew what they wanted to develop on a page.

Try to get a vision of what you want your fashion blog to look like, trust me, if you do, choosing a theme will be a lot easier.  My advice is to just take your time and resist the temptation to rush in.  Make a list outlining what functions you want your blog to have, do you want one with drop-down menu’s, do you want visual slideshows, are you going to post some videos later?

Is your blog going to be a fashion advice blog or is it going to be more of a fashion review blog?

If at the moment if you’re not 100% sure how you want your blog to look, then check out some of the blogs around. Below are some of the top performing Fashion Blogs around today.   I’m sure you’ll get some serious inspiration from these.


 5 Of The World’s Top Current Fashion Bloggers For You To Check Out


You can use these top fashion blogs not only for inspiration to help choose a theme, but also on what to post, these fashion bloggers are very highly respected and they all started off like you one day, with a desire and some inspiration.

I’d like to point out something interesting here, I think you’ll agree that they aren’t that spectacular looking, however, ironically these blogs are among the top earning Fashion Blogs in the world today.

You really don’t want to do that because it’s no different to putting together an outfit for that important night out. You simply wouldn’t rush it would you? You wouldn’t even ask too many people of their opinion either, (unless they could offer you some expert advice of course).

WordPress has over 2,000 themes available for you to choose from.  They’re pretty basic (which also means simple and easy to use as well) but don’t let that make you think they’re no good, remember the 5 examples above.  Take it from me, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of blog sites and websites out there making serious amounts of money, using the standard free WordPress themes.  OK, and new we’re onto the last section of how to start a fashion blog.


Step 4 – Choose And Install A Great Looking Fashion Theme

So lets go ahead right now have a look at some of the free WordPress themes available to you, then we’ll chose one to get started with.

Don’t worry about choosing that perfect theme too much,  if you get down the track and think it’s just isn’t working for you, that’s OK, you can always change it for another one anytime you do fancy.



From your Dashboard hover your mouse over the word “Appearance” and a menu will present it’s self, simply move your mouse over the word “Themes” and click on it.

Then this screen will appear.



Next move your mouse on to the “Twenty Seventeen” and  Click on the word “Activate”



You will see from the screen below that the “Twenty Seventeen Theme” that it has been activated.



Step 5 – Start adding your blog posts and sharing your content


How to create your first post

So here we are, ready to start fashion blogging by creating your first post.  Before we do that I want to just show you how to do some very basic changes to you theme through the settings page.

In the menu on the right hand side, hover your mouse over the word “Settings” and click on the word “General”

The screen below will appear.



In “Site Tittle” for demonstration purpose I have Called it ‘Sophie’s Blog’.  Same goes for the “Tag Line’ I have typed in ‘Hi there my name is Sophie, Welcome to my blog’

So go ahead, enter what ever you like, make the first modification to your very own personal Fashion Blog right now.  (anything can be changed at any time in your setting)

WordPress Address (URL),  Site Address (URL) and Administration Email Address will fill in by default because you set these up earlier on.

Now scroll down the page and click on “Save Changes”.

In the menu on the right hand side, hover your mouse over the word “Posts”.

Click on “All Posts”. and the screen below will appear.



Click on the words “Hello World”



Click on the words “Hello World” and the screen below will appear.



Now where the Blue Arrow 1 points to “Hello World” simply write what even you want over it.  (You’ll see in the image below where I have written for demonstration purposes something in both sections i & 2).

So where the Blue Arrow 2 points, go write your own thing in there.

Where the Blue Arrow 3 points “Update” in the top right hand corner, go ahead, Click on that to save the changes you have just made.

And finally, the Blue Arrow 4 points to that WordPress icon in the top right hand corner, go ahead and Click that to the Dashboard.



Now I’m going to show you how to look at your live Fashion Blog in a separate window tab so you can access both windows on your screen.

Right at the top of your Dashboard you will see a little house icon with the words “Sophie’s Blog” under it.  Hover you mouse over it and “View Site” will appear in a drop down.

I want you to “Right Click” your mouse button and select “Open in a new tab”.

This will allow you to see how your changes have effected your Fashion Blog.

So here it is, your first look at your very own Fashion Blog, with your small but personal modifications, Live on the internet.



So there you have it, the first step on how to start a fashion blog.

Now there are a literally thousands of excellent free training videos on YouTube where you can go and lean all about using all the fabulous WordPress features. There you will find out about things called Plug-In’s, they’re mostly free and essential in saving you time, apps to help you with the search engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, and a whole lot more.

Now you know the basics you can go learn how to customize your fashion blog to how you exactly want it to look and perform.

I will do a final quick section on how to find all the other free WordPress templates available to you.  The chances are, the more proficient you get and customizing your fashion blog, the more likely you’ll want to try different themes as they all have different features available to you.

Lets go back to the Dashboard again and go to the Themes page. See below.



This time instead of clicking on the Twenty Seventeen Theme I want you to click on the box to the right that says “New Themes”

It will highlight but just click on it and it will take you to another 15 free WordPress themes available for you to try.

Here they are below.



To install any of these themes, just hover over them and click “Install”

This will not however activate them because you already have your current thee activated.

To Activate one of these themes, click in “Install”

Then click on “Appearances” in the side menu and the previous 3 theme will still be there on that screen, with the additional one you just installed.

Hover over the newly installed theme and as you did previously above, simply Click on “Activate”. 

And there you have it, your new theme is now active.



Before writing and uploading a too many post, pages, articles, and images, ask what will your readers want?

Your generation is always on the move, on the go, you never stop do you, and therefore most readers today prefer reading blogs on their smartphones and not while they’re sat at home on their laptop or PC.  So, when choosing a theme just make sure that they’re responsive to smartphone platforms, most of them are but there are but there are a few that aren’t.

When looking at their live demos, you’ll be able to choose how they look through the platforms they support.

Ask yourself, who are your readers?

Always have in your mind who your audience is going to be, who are your going to target.  It might seem like I’m stating the obvious here but trust me, it’s really important that you understand and know your readers, that way you can have them in your mind when choosing a theme, this will help you stay on trend.

Now to throw a spanner in the works, you may be really creative, inspirational and a trendsetter, if that’s the case that good on you, don’t be afraid to start about a new fashion movement, you never know, you might end up being featured in other successful fashion blogs!

Here are a few tips from the giants of Fashion blogs.

Noelle Downing of  advisers, “try to be as consistent as you can and make sure your content, whether it’s on Instagram or on your Fashion blogs, is cohesive and true to you”  She also encourages all aspiring fashion bloggers not to give up what they love, saying, “post regularly and don’t give up! The worst thing you can do is have big breaks of not posting—your readers will feel really disappointed, and you’ll lose their attention.”

Keiko Lynn of when someone recently asked her what sets her fashion blogs apart from all the  others, replied, “It can be very personal. I like to write, and I let my audience in. They know my relationship, my family, my friends. Many loves, losses, and personal triumphs have all been documented at some point.” Keiko encourages, “Experiment,” adding, “I’ve gone through several phases—many cringe-worthy ones—but they all helped me figure out what I liked.

Tavi Gevinson for those of you that don’t know or who have never heard of before, came to public attention at the age of 12 due to her fashion blogs Style Rookie.  She’s now 24 years old and worth over $7,000,000.00

Tavi says to all aspiring bloggers to “write about what you care about and don’t worry about trends or what other people are buzzing about at the moment.” She also warns, “It’s so easy to tell when a writer does or doesn’t care about what they’re saying—when they do, it can be exciting and fun. When they don’t, it can be painful!”

Rachel Iwanyszyn of recently said in a recent interview when you’re looking for that signature look, “suggests creating a mood board and finding a common factor between the pieces you select.” She adds, “also, sometimes I just try on everything I like in a store and use process of elimination.”

She also encourages all aspiring bloggers to stay true to themselves. “Definitely try to be original and speak your own voice,” she continues. “It can be hard since we all read so many blogs these days, and it’s almost embedded into our brains! Just do you, post on social media and outfit-sharing sites, and the rest will come naturally.”

Lisa Dengler of gave some great advise to anyone wanting to start a Fashion blog, she said, “If you want it to be a business, then know that from the begging.” She adds, “Figure out what will make you stand out and why someone would want to read your blog over someone else’s. Then just go, go, go!”

That’s some seriously good advice from some of the best in the world, so inspirational.

Do you use a Free theme or a Premium theme?

if you really can’t find a theme that you think can fulfill the vision of your Fashion Blog or Fashion blogs, you can buy ready-made professionally done themes from lots of companies out there.

Remember, this is your Fashion blog, consider your future aspirations for your blog while selecting a theme, a theme that should state that this is you and this is what you stand for.

Like I say, themes are like outfits, isn’t it a lot better to ‘try before you buy’, believe it or not you can do that with all the themes before you purchase one.  What I would recommend is you spend some time checking out the previews of any theme you’re considering.

WordPress and other theme developers let you see live examples of what their themes you could be considering look like for your fashion blog layout.

Final Thoughts

Well that’s my tutorial on how to start a fashion blog finished, and I sincerely hope this has been useful for you, and I wish you all the best for the future with your Fashion Blog. Now go fashion blogging and do your thing.

Good luck to you.






How Can I Start My Fashion Blog?

We have a simple step by step tutorial you can follow to get your fashion blog up and running within 30 mins.

What Should I Write About On My Fashion Blog?

It’s usually best to choose a niche within the “Fashion” niche to focus your blog on, it may be a type of fashion, or product, for example bags, or shoes, or you might like to focus on Pregnant Fashion, or Runway Fashion.

How Do Fashion Bloggers Get Paid?

There are a few ways that fashion bloggers can get paid:

  1. You can get paid a commission on any products they recommend through various affiliate programs.
  2. Once you have built a solid fan base, you can be paid just to post about, or mention a product. (usually called influencer marketing)
  3. When your blog gets enough traffic, you can run ads through your posts and around your content and paid each time someone clicks as ad.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Fashion Blog?

The only hard costs starting a fashion blog (or any other blog) are a domain name (around $9 per year) and web hosting ($2.95 per month).


  1. Great tutorial on how to start a fashion blog. Do you guys offer any kind of setup service?

    • We don’t have a service as such, but we can probably work something out, Contact us if you are interested and we can help you start your fashion blog and get started with your social media promotion as well.

  2. Nice guide to start a fashion blog, but there are already tons of fashion blogs out there, how would you suggest we promote our blogs?

    • The best way to promote a blog like this is through social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc are all great placed to build your social media following.

  3. Wow, I have always wanted to know how to start a fashion blog. Now I do. I will be getting one setup as soon as I can. Thanks

  4. I like your list of sucessful fashion bloggers, hopefully one day I will see my name on there. 🙂

  5. I would love to start a fashion blog, I love fashion of all kinds, and if I could make money out of it, it would be a dream come through.

    I already have a few social media accounts setup in the fashion world, but this is an awesome idea. All I need to do now is to get started.

    • Hey Dani, yeah, social media is a great place for starting your fashion blog, but its still a good idea to have a blog to send people back to.

  6. Interesting write up on how to start a fashion blog, I have been building following on my fashion blogging Instagram account, but I am not able to make money from it yet. Do you have

    • Hey Crista, Thanks for stopping by. Maybe you need to start a fashion blog to make money 🙂 Joking aside, instagram is great, and if you build a loyal following and become a true influencer and people actually buy what you post about, then you can make money from it. But if you were to start a fashion blog, then there are other ways to make money not just by selling stuff. Blogs that get a ton of traffic can make money just from the ad revenue they generate.

  7. Been thinking about starting a fashion blog for a while. Thanks for the step by step on setting up web hosting for my new blog.

    I agree, there are already many fashion blogs out there, but just means there are people who are just as interested in fashion as I am.

    I was wondering though, what is the best way to get a free domain? Can we use as a free blog option?

    I also want to ask if you guys recommend a wordpress theme that you have seen to start a successful fashion blog?

    Sry for all the questions, but I am really excited about starting a successful fashion blog of my own.


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