How To Start A Fashion Blog

How To Start Up Your Own Fashion Blog
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I had my first ever blog up and running in less than an hour, thanks.


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am now a Fashion Blogger.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Are you the next big thing in fashion? Have a great fashion sense? Do your friends and family turn to you for fashion advice? Do you have (or want) the latest ‘must have’ designer wear in your meticulously styled closet?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES, then you should seriously consider starting your own fashion blog today.

According to a recent article in Harper’s Bazaar, designers and top brands spend over a BILLION dollar each year advertising online. That’s $1,000,000,000 every year they are paying to websites, blog owners and influencers each year to reach the right audience.

Some fashion bloggers charge up to $15,000 per post, and some just do it for the love of fashion. But no matter what your particular motivation is, this article will help you get your fashion blog setup, and put you on the right track towards building your audience and turning it into your own online business.

How To Start A Fashion Blog… Step By Step…

1. Choose a domain name for your fashion blog
2. Setup an account with a fast and reliable web host
3. Install your blogging platform (WordPress)
4. Choose and install a great looking fashion theme
5. Start adding your blog posts and sharing your content

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Fashion Blog

Picking a domain name for your Fashion Blog is one of the most important steps in starting a successful blog. A great name that people can remember will have them coming back time and time again, but if they can’t remember it, chances are they will get lost on their way back to your blog.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a name for your fashion blog:

Short & Sweet: You want to keep your domain name and short as possible so that it’s easier to remember. Most successful blogs have short names as long tedious names are easy for people to forget, or get wrong when they are typing them in. You want something catchy, witty or cute that people will remember.

Keep it specific. 

As you’re starting a brand-new fashion blog, you need to make sure the names are relevant to your specific blog subjects. For example, you may be blogging about evening dresses, casual dresses, shoes, boots, or what you could ware at an office. What ever you blog about just make sure that there are some specifics, that way to will be easier to search for.  The easier it is for people to search for, the more people will visit it.

Make it more your Fashion blog.

So, let’s assume you’re you have had a lot of success in fashion either by a designer or say a stylist, it would be good if you could include part or all of your name in the domain.  But let’s say you haven’t achieved that height yet, then your name won’t be a huge part of your blog identity yet, so leave your name out of the domain, you can get people to know you through your fashion blog posts.

Here is a recommended tool for you to use right now. It’s a Domaine Name Availability tool.

All you have to do right now is enter your desired domain name below and click ‘CHECK’    

It will then check straight away if it’s available for you to purchase, it’s that simple.  You can try as many different names as you like, it’s unlimited.

As soon as you have found a domain name you like, you can move on to the next step. 

Setup an account with a fast and reliable web host

OK Great, so now you have found a great domain name for your Fashion blob.  The next thing to do is find and choose a reliable Web Host company to store your files that make up your blog post.  This is how all blogs or websites are shown on the internet making it accessible to millions of people around the world.
We have a personal recommendation with a company called GreekGeeks.  They are very proficient at hosting blogs and they possibly have the most user-friendly interface out of all the hosting company’s out there today.

Here’s a real bonus for you as well, they have given us permission to offer readers of this website a special discount voucher to make getting started even easier.

Click Here to take advantage of the special discount offer with

So, let’s get your Fashion Blog online right now.  Some people get a bit freaked out buy this, but rest assured, we’re going to walk you through the set-up process step by step.

it’s so easy.

When you arrive at GreenGeeks you will see the screen below, and just need to click on the “Get Started Now” button.


Fashion is one of the most covered topics when it comes to blogging. Almost everyone with interest in fashion seems to have his or her own site. Blogging nowadays is done with people who are down to an age of 12 years and in some cases come on the front line row sitting next to celebrities during biggest fashion shows.

Given the fact that fashion industry and blogging is infinite in a variety of possibilities. A fashion blogger as a term in a decade ago was merely a virtually nonexistent. With the rising and popularity of technology dependence as well due to social media evolution, a new world has emerged of fashion blogging has taken roots. Something that makes fashion blogging interesting as an empire is the aspect that everyone with interest has the ability to make their first blog. Secondly, it is a most enticing feature per say. Someone has the ability and as so an opportunity to nature and turn a fashion blog to a promising career. Also, a fashion blog can be customized and personalized to reflect the individual blogger own styles. Bloggers in the fashion domain comes from different regions around the globe and post very different diverse contents. So
if you have interest in taking some mirage in fashion, photography and writing, it is the best time your got started with your own blog.

Sometimes one may wonder what is the so great as well as why one opts to be a fashion bloggers. Blogging is one of the biggest ways one can get his or her foot into the fashion industry that is quite hard to get into, given that most end up losing hope halfway through. Also, someone stands a chance to be sent makeup and clothes for purposes of reviewing as well as endless invitations to big fashion shows. So if you have a dream of on day getting into the fashion industry and taking it by storm this is one of the great ways to get started.

To narrow down to the specific factors that one should consider while starting a fashion. Not only on how to get started but also on how to differentiate you from other numerous fashion bloggers and websites. Also how do you navigate around while making your unique standout? This article will explore all about creating a stunning and a successful fashion blog. Fashion blogging have undergone so many changes along the way such as a new domain, different layouts, fashion weeks, blogger breakfast and intern, new cameras and featuring all of the above in a written fashion magazine.

How To Start Up Your Own Fashion Blog

If you want to stand out from the crowd get noticed and important attention like any other thing in life, you have to bring something that is special and unique to the table. For a number of fashion bloggers, they depict their own style and personality. In other cases it opposite and diverse from such affiliations. You might wish to bring general fashion elements to men or women of all ages, something a lot of fashion bloggers do not focus on.

With basic academic background in media and communication, you can combine your greatest passions in the world about fashion to work for you on the site. Blogging if blended well with ones passions or whatsoever can be a good practice to drive even more traffic and building the community of your readers and followers. At the same time you will have the opportunity to nourish and fine tune your skills in fashion related things.

Choosing A WordPress theme For Your Fashion Blog

The easiest and simplest part in the entire process of starting and creating a successful fashion blog site is definitely starting. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms as well it is very intuitive, relatively easy and friendly to use to get started in working with it. It might take you around five to ten minutes if you do not have any prior experience that is required to get started with a new website.

To get started with the WordPress and how to start a fashion blog it only requires a domain name and of course a web server to work. A domain name is a link that is easy to remember instead of using your respective IP address, which people will be using to get access to your website. A web server space is a place where your files and other contents you post will be kept and hosted online. Bluehost is the most used by a lot of bloggers and has an easy setup process. It as well offers a free domain online, simple to use even for amateurs offering a relative cheap hosting account which comes with a limited space. Also WordPress usually recommends it for blogging
purposes; it is perhaps the most preferable.

What you need to do is to figure out how you want your domain name to be named first and foremost, and then you are set to get started right ahead on the initial stage of the process. Go for something that lets your reader know what particularly your site offers as well as something catchy enough. This will as well send a message to your followers and readers that are very serious about blogging and of course you aren’t just another fashion blogger. The following are the most sited features that a good domain name should have: it should be simple, catchy, memorable, easy to pronounce, unique, brief and easy to spell. While
coming up with a domain make sure to meet all of the above cited elements of a good domain while creating a fashion blog.

Tips to adhere to when you set up your fashion blog.

At the point when your fashion website has been setup these are the things you ought to be mindful of and follow keeping in mind the end goal to succeed with your blogging:

Expound on VIP fashion – a number of young ladies turn toward the celebrity and long for dressing like them and are searching to bloggers for exhortation.

Use decent clothing– Inspire individuals with your outfits (whether you’re wearing them or showing them in sets), yet verify that the garments you utilize are genuinely reasonable, so your readers can relate to you.

How to start a Fashion Blog

Compose daily and again and write greatly. Give individuals tips and let them know stories while you do it.

DIY ventures are dependably a hit – ladies affection being imaginative, so show them how!

Don’t let your fashion site turn into one major ad – be exacting in terms of items you’re sent for survey. Individuals get effectively exhausted of taking a look at supported promotions and articles.

100% unique substance – one gigantic slip-up some fashion bloggers make is duplicating other bloggers’ work. That is not difficult to spot and the readers will head on to the following design blogger in line!

Be yourself and act naturally – Obviously everybody has their own interesting fashion, so don’t attempt to duplicate anybody and don’t feel the need to go insane. Do what feels a good fit for you and play around with things, you will in the end discover your own special voice and can make proclamations with your photographs. For instance, when covering New York Fashion Week on your new fashion blog numerous bloggers will have pictures of each piece that hits the runway. I chase for what the crowd is wearing, catch some extraordinary photographs, and after that title it, “What to wear to New York Fashion Week” or “Popular Handbags to Rock to a Fashion Show”.”

Promote your materials and content – Advance your substance as generally no one will see it. Social media sites are immaculate informal communities for fashion bloggers as they are focused around visual substance.

Have some fun and good times – Shannon likewise prescribes: “Set aside a certain day of the week or time of day that you will devote to blogging and transfer posts all the time. Shoot for three a day however most bloggers shoot for four a week. On the off chance that you are unsure of anything or you require a second assessment, ask a companion! Your number one counsel however is to have some good times! Compose posts about stuff that diversify you and in a language that will keep your readers even or perhaps entertained as they go through them.

Creating your
blog content

A menu of how to create a fashion blog
appealing platforms anticipates you: WordPress, Blogger… pick one as stated
earlier. When you have your name picked and prepared, your next step is to
really make your site. The larger part of fashion blogs are facilitated on site
distributed stages, where you have the flexibility to compose whatever
substance you need and configure your website in any way you fancy. Blogger is
the essential stage used by fashion bloggers; Blogger is not difficult to
explore and is good for both amateur and expert fashion bloggers. WordPress
permits bloggers to completely redo their fashion site to a deeper degree, yet
is prescribed for experienced bloggers. I recommend Blogger for any fashion blogger
beginning; once you have enrolled for your web blog with your new blog name
Blogger or any stage you pick, the time it now, time to wear a beret and race
out the artwork palette to make your website format. As you become more
experienced with fashion blogging, you will figure out how to customize your
website fashion to the way you really favor it to be. Be that as it may, in
light of the fact that you are first beginning, it is best to hold fast to
Blogger’s formats so you can easily customize your website.

Coming up with
your first blog post

With an online
blog name decided and a genuine website made, the time has come for you to make
your first blog entry. Don’t think about your fashion blog as a cousin of the
feared 10-page examination exposition; your fashion blog has been made for you
to compose whatever satisfies you. Most mold online blogs are isolated into two
classes: fashion bloggers and fashion bloggers. Permit me to recognize the
distinction for you; fashion bloggers, for example, Flashes of Fashion and The
Blonde Salad, are how to create a fashion blog bloggers who fundamentally post photos of their day by day
outfits. Their substance depends vigorously on visuals and the outfits they
wear; off and on again, their outfit photos are joined by short blurbs about
where they acquired a specific pack from or a concise audit of their day. These
bloggers are basically thought to be “fashion bloggers,” however they
might likewise be known as fashion bloggers. On the off chance that shooting
your own particular outfits and posting them on your web blog is not precisely
your strong point, you are constantly welcome to select an alternate course.

Other fashion bloggers, who favor not to post
their everyday outfits, may decide to expound on anything fashion related they
need. By and by, you will end up preparing fashion guides, in which you educate
my readers on the most proficient method to wear a specific pattern or offer
them thoughts of what to wear to specific occasions, in the same way as
gatherings or the airplane terminal.

Moreover, you will see fashion bloggers
expound on their “pulls,” which are late attire things they have
acquired, or audits on their most loved architect accumulations from Fashion
Week. On the off chance that you have a thought, compose it down and get imaginative!
Use locales, for example, Polyvore to make outfit sets or arrangements to go
with your blog entry; visuals are generally as essential as your real composed
substance for blog entries.

Since you have discovered how to start a fashion blog
all the vital tips and steps into making your first fashion blog, the time it
now, time to support your infant blog out of outset and into reality. Compose
as often as possible to offer new substance, and make customized Twitter or
Facebook accounts to represents your website to attract new readers. Send that
tweet or instant message to your family and companions about your new blog and
dependably make a point to visit other fashion websites and leave an earnest

It is worth noting that finally you will credit your
fashion site success to daily practice in your life, blogging about topics and
making sure to love the art of gathering vast information about how to start a fashion blog before writing about
a topic. This will eventually be a source of confidence as you climb the radar
and will keep steering you ahead in your day to day blogging activities.

Moreover, you will see fashion bloggers
expound on their “pulls,” which are late attire things they have
acquired, or audits on their most loved architect accumulations from Fashion
Week. On the off chance that you have a thought, compose it down and get imaginative!
Use locales, for example, Polyvore to make outfit sets or arrangements to go
with your blog entry; visuals are generally as essential as your real composed
substance for blog entries.

Moreover, you will see fashion bloggers
expound on their “pulls,” which are late attire things they have
acquired, or audits on their most loved architect accumulations from Fashion
Week. On the off chance that you have a thought, compose it down and get imaginative!
Use locales, for example, Polyvore to make outfit sets or arrangements to go
with your blog entry; visuals are generally as essential as your real composed
substance for blog entries.



Impress Your Friends, Start A Blog


Starting a blog is one of the best ways to impress your
friends. If you care about your pals so much, you will always want to connect
with them in a special way. If they have access to your blog, you have a
perfect platform to showcase your skills and pass your message at the same
time. When people hear about blogging, they often think that it entails too
much work and technical settings. Far from that, you will be surprised to find
out that blogging is one of the easiest things that you can ever do as long as
you know how to do it. Here are the things you should consider.

Choose a suitable niche

Although you can share almost anything with your friends and
anyone else who can find you online, you should concentrate on a particular
niche. For instance, you might just want to share pictures from your traveling
experiences. It is important to narrow down to a particular topic because it is
the only way you can give it your best shot how to start a fashion blog. Once your friends know that you
share valuable information in a certain niche, they always will want to read
your blog to find out what you have been up to lately.

Designing the blog

You could even start a free blog that usually comes with many
useful features. Such blogs come with themes that you can choose from meaning
that you can set them up in just a few minutes. If you have enough resources,
you will want to host your blog yourself and hire a professional to do some
high-quality designs. You also need plug-ins and widgets to help you reach the
maximum number of readers. Some people choose to limit their blogs to a
particular audience while others make it open to all. Regardless of what you
choose, the most important thing is to ensure that anyone who visits your blog
likes what they see. how to start a fashion blog

The best thing about starting a fashion blog is that even though it
might just be a hobby, you also can earn revenue from it. Apart from impressing
your friends, you can choose to monetize the blog through various methods. For
instance, you can place third party ads on your pages and earn from clicks. You
also can opt to sell affiliate products and services to those who read your
blog including your friends and earn a recurring income.

If you are thinking of starting a business then blogging is
the best option for you for making people aware of the products and services of
your business. Blogging is a very popular activity that can help you earn a
good amount of money from doing what you love. Blogs are easy to set up and
maintain as it is very user-friendly and economical way of marketing and advertising
your business. The topics that you blog about are in casual friendly tone and through
these blogs you have to give valuable advice to your readers about any particular
niche, product or service.

Blogging can assist you in running a profitable business but
first you will need to decide on the blog contents and topics as these are very
important for attracting the right customers so that you can earn profit. Whether
you are blogging to showcase your expertise or share life experience will determine
the topic that you will select for the blogs. Blogging is an excellent business
opportunity where community of people who are sharing similar hobbies and
interests meets up for sharing their ideas. Hence when you blog, you can
establish and retain loyal leaderships which in turn can help your business in
getting potential customers. Blogging is the best way of sharing your knowledge
and expertise with large audience across the globe and also earning money. Starting
a blog involves a low amount of investment and in some cases no investment at
all as you will make a blog and help your business in improving its online presence.

If you are thinking of starting a business then start a blog
as it is the best way of earning money when you start up a blog and then run it
in the internet with the help of software like word press and blogger. Blogging
is an excellent source of marketing and when you start a blog you can help your
potential customers know about your products and services as it will help you
to get high conversions rates as well as good profits. If you wish to grow your
business globally the blogging is the perfect solution for you for making
people aware of the products you are selling or the services that you are
rendering. Blogging serves you financial freedom when you try it for improving
the online presence of your business so that you can attract a large number of
customers to your business.

Many online entrepreneurs do not understand why they need a business blog. Either they do not know what to write on the blogs or how they can keep it running. However, missing a business blog is missing a very important part of your business marketing. Blogs connect people to your business in a plethora of ways as expounded below.

A blog is a direct channel of communication between you and your customers. More than 50 percent of consumers make a purchase after reading a blog post while 70 percent of customers learn about a business from reading their business blog and not from paid ads according to a survey done by HubSpot. Google bots love great content. By having a business blog, you will fuel your site’s SEO, thus upping the traffic to your business. There is no professionalism required in setting up a blog; platforms like WordPress and Blogger offer simple drag and drop functionalities that enable anyone with internet knowledge to create a blog.

Through your blog, you are able to enhance your marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and eBooks among others. The blog acts as the heart of all your marketing channels. It gives your business a voice. Through the blog, you get to talk about new products, new services, news and market trends. You also offer various tips to your customers. This lets your brand shine. Better still, customers offer you feedback from your blog content to help you improve on services or improve your products. The two-way conversation enables you to keep customers who have already connected to your blog. It encourages your interaction with the customers where they get to know your brand better. Through the interactions, you are able to showcase your expertise in your field.

Blogs create free press releases for the businesses they are linked to. If you are an expert in your field and you publish quality content, you may be interviewed by trendsetters in the industry or media houses as an industry expert. This grows your business more and connects you to more people. By writing industry classics, visitors to your blog are how to start a fashion blog
likely to share your content on social platforms. If your blog can help enhance your social media presence through shares, then people connecting to your business will be easier. Understand that social media accounts for more than 30 percent of the traffic your site gets. Blogging is fun, inspiring and helps you think. By adopting a blog, you are taking a step towards developing your business; because your customers are your business.

The five things every blogger should know includes-

Finding unique content- if your goal for blogging includes getting
people to click on something then you will need unique content as well as
killer headline. When you have a short, informative and interesting blogs for your
readers, they will click on the links provided on the blogs so that you can earn
money in return. But you will need to be concise and to the point without being
too lengthy or repetitive so that you can keep the attention of the readers intact.

Write regularly- content is the heart and soul of blogs, and
hence you will need to have the best quality contents for attracting visitors
to your blogs. Good quality content is also very important to keep your
existing readers interested as they are looking for new, interesting, engaging
and unique content.

Read related blogs- when you are writing on a particular topic,
there are a large number of bloggers who are also writing blogs on similar
topics. Hence it is very important how to start a fashion blog
that you read other people’s blog so that
can posts blogs that are different from the other bloggers. Commenting on
related blogs can also provide you an opportunity or building long term
relationship with people with similar interests and passion. You can also add
links on your blogs that will be directed towards websites of different
products or services of your interests.

Marketing in moderation- you can earn money from blogging
when you put advertisements on your blog page or linking out to the affiliate
products in your blogs post. You can how to start a fashion blog
make good amount of money by marketing the
products of different businesses but make sure that you are doing it in
moderation so that the interests of readers are not lost.

Be authentic- as you are trying to make money by blogging,
you might promote any products or services but you will also need to take into
account your reputation. You should only promote products that you find is good
for your readers so that their trust is not broken when they rely on your blogs.

Set a Goal: Firstly, you should
decide that how your blog fits in to the overall marketing strategy. Is it to
promote your expertise, interact with the potential customers or increase the
traffic of the website? You will be able to measure the results and determine
what you will blog about if you set a goal.

Choose a Blogging Platform: Next, you
should choose a blogging platform for yourself. TypePad, Movable Type and
WordPress are the popular options which offer variety of plug-ins and templates
and these are quite simple to use.

Choose a Leader: You should choose a
leader whether it is you or your employee. There must be someone to take the
ownership of planning the content, obtaining it and posting it and managing it
as well.

Create a Schedule: You should decide
that how often you will post a blog and you should stick to a regular schedule.
You should use Excel spreadsheet or an online calendar in order to plan and
track the post topics as well as dates.

Start Writing: The topics that you
choose are limited only by your goals and imagination. You should blog about
the trends in your industry, seasons or holidays. You should write a blog about
your business news such as new hires, upcoming events or new products.

Do Not Stress: If you are not a
natural writer then you should not worry. The blog posts are best when they are
written in brief and are informal and conversational. So, you should write the
way you talk to people.
how to start a fashion blog

Use SEO: You should optimize your
blog for the search engines by using the keywords that are related to your
business in post titles, post tags and the first paragraph of your posts.

Use Images: Photos attracts the
readers and it also boosts the SEO if you tag the images along with the keywords.
You should post only those images which you have the rights to use.

When it comes to
discussing how to build your own blog in minutes, there are a few crucial
aspects that should be taken into consideration. Whether you want to use it for
personal interest or business objectives, having a blog of your own is often a
good thing to do. In this article, you will be able to find out about 3 simple
steps that could help you successfully setup a blog at Owned by
Google, it offers an excellent platform which an average individual can use for
whatever reason they desire.

First, you need
to visit Once you are at, you will be given an
opportunity to take a quick tour. You are recommended to go ahead and do it
especially if you are not familiar how blogging works.

After that your
tour is over, you must take the following three steps to set up your own blog:
how to start a fashion blog

Create an account with

Name your blog

Select a template

All you will
have to do is to follow the simple instructions and guidelines and you will be
able to set up a blog of your own. It is important for you to remember the fact
that you can always change blog name and template should you feel the need to
do so. However, it generally takes some time before your new name and address
gets included in the search results against the relevant and specific keyword

If you need help
regarding building your own blog, then you must visit the help section of It usually contains answers to most frequently asked questions. With
that being said, it is important to post new and fresh content on consistent basis.
In case you are not sure what you need to write about, make sure to visit your
competitor’s blog.

how to start a fashion blog

While is free and you won’t be forced to purchase a domain of your own,
it is generally suggested that you get one. There are a lot of benefits of
getting a domain of your own. First, it will help create a positive image of
your blog; people will take you seriously. Second, personal domains tend to
have a better search engine ranking than the ones having at the
end. Third, it will help you to gain the confidence of companies that offer you
to post ads on your blog in return for money. Thus, if you need to know how to
build a blog in minutes, make sure to consider the above-mentioned aspects.

OK, it’s official, you’re now live with your very own fashion blog up and running right now.  This means that you have done all that so called difficult horrible technical stuff that stops most people from even getting this far. 

So, well done to you and give you’re self a pat on the back.  You see most people who want to start a blog never actually end up even starting one, and you know why, because they think it’s too hard and they can’t even be bothered to do some basic research to find out how to learn to do it.  Well you did, so well done.

So now you’re ready to focus on the fun and easy stuff, the creative stuff that only you can do for your own personal fashion blog.

I want to share something with you, every single successful fashion blog out there today has one thing in common, they all have a great theme for their blog.

Most of them get them from a platform called WordPress, a company that is free to everyone and has hundreds of pre-set themes for every blogger out there.  You can modify all these themes to suit how you want you blog to look, this part is so much fun.


Now, because it’s fun and exciting, there’s a temptation to want to rush it and get it finished, you really don’t want to do that because choosing a theme is possibly the most important thing you’re going to do on your own for your fashion blog.  The reason I say ‘on your own’ is because it’s no different to putting together an outfit go to out on an important night.  You simply wouldn’t rush it would you? You wouldn’t even ask too many people of their opinion either, unless they could offer you some expert advice.


WordPress have over 2,000 themes available for you to choose from.  They’re pretty basic (which also means simple and easy to use as well) but don’t let that make you think they’re no good.  Take it from me, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of blogs and websites out there making serious money using the standard free WordPress themes, so don’t just skip though them OK!


Now having said that, if you really can’t find a theme that you think can fulfill the vision of your blog, you can buy readymade professionally done one from a lot of companies out there.


Remember, this is your Fashion blog, consider your future aspirations for your blog while selecting a theme, a theme that should state that this is you and this is what you stand for.






Do you use a Free theme or a Premium theme?

Like I say, themes are like outfits, isn’t it a lot better to ‘try before you buy’, believe it or not you can do that with all the themes before you purchase one.  What I would recommend is you spend some time checking out the previews of any theme you’re considering.


WordPress and other theme developers let you see live examples of what their themes you could be considering look like for your fashion blog layout.


Get to know what you want?

The easiest way to choose a theme is to know what you want.  It can feel a bit like the chicken and the egg situation – which one came first.  Well I can promise you it isn’t.  Every great blog out there looks great because the blogger knew what they were about and therefor knew what they wanted to develop on a page. 


Try to get a vision of what you want your fashion blog to look like, trust me, if you do, choosing a theme will be a lot easier.  My advice is to just take your time and resist the temptation to rush in.

Make a list outlining what functions you want your blog to have, do you want one with dropdown menu’s, do you want visual slideshows, are you going to post some videos later?

Is your blog going to be a fashion advice blog or is it going to be more of a fashion review blog?

If at the moment you’re not 100% sure how you want your blog to look then heck out some of the blogs below.  You’ll get some serious inspiration from these successful Fashion blogs.

So, here’s 15 of the world’s current top Fashion bloggers for you to check out:


1. – (Danielle Bernstein)

2. – (Julie Sariñana)

3.– (Chiara Ferragni)

4. – (Julia Engel)

5. – (Aimee Song)

6.– (Kristina Bazan)

7.– (Wendy Nguyen)

8. – (Blair Eadie)

9. – (Chriselle Lim)

10.– (Nicole Warne)

11. – (Enocha)

12. – (Olia)

13. – (Jen)

14. – (Noelle Downing)

15. – (Keiko lynn)


You can use these top fashion blog not only for inspiration to help choose a theme, but also what to post, these fashion bloggers are very highly respected and they all started off like you one day, with a desire and some inspiration.


What will your readers want?

Your generation is always on the move, on the go, you never stop do you, and therefore most readers today prefer reading blogs on their smartphones and not while they’re sat at home on their laptop or PC.  So, when choosing a theme just make sure that they’re responsive to smartphone platforms, most of them are but there are but there are a few that aren’t. 

When looking at their live demos, you’ll be able to choose how they look through the platforms they support.


Who are your readers?

Always have in your mind who your audience is going to be, who are your going to target.  It might seem like I’m stating the obvious here but trust me, it’s really important that you understand and know your readers, that way you can have them in your mind when choosing a theme, this will help you stay on trend.


Now to throw a spanner in the works, you may be really creative, inspirational and a trendsetter, if that’s the case that good on you, don’t be afraid to start about a new fashion movement, you never know, you might end up being featured in other successful fashion blogs!

Here are a few tips from the giants of Fashion blogs.


Noelle Downing of  advisers, “try to be as consistant as you can and make sure your content, whether it’s on Instagram or on your Fashion blog, is cohesive and true to you”  She also encourages all aspiring fashion bloggers not to give up what they love, saying, “post regularly and don’t give up! The worst thing you can do is have big breaks of not posting—your readers will feel really disappointed, and you’ll lose their attention.” 


Keiko Lynn of when someone recently asked her what sets her blog apart from all the  others, replied, “It can be very personal. I like to write, and I let my audience in. They know my relationship, my family, my friends. Many loves, losses, and personal triumphs have all been documented at some point.” Keiko encourages, “Experiment,” adding, “I’ve gone through several phases—many cringe-worthy ones—but they all helped me figure out what I liked.


Tavi Gevinson for those of you that don’t know or who have never heard of before, came to public attention at the age of 12 due to her fashion blog Style Rookie.  She’s now 24 years old and worth over $7,000,000.00

Tavi says to all aspiring bloggers to “write about what you care about and don’t worry about trends or what other people are buzzing about at the moment.” She also warns, “It’s so easy to tell when a writer does or doesn’t care about what they’re saying—when they do, it can be exciting and fun. When they don’t, it can be painful!”


Rachel Iwanyszyn of recently said in a recent interview when you’re looking for that signature look, “suggests creating a mood board and finding a common factor between the pieces you select.” She adds, “also, sometimes I just try on everything I like in a store and use process of elimination.”

She also encourages all aspiring bloggers to stay true to themselves. “Definitely try to be original and speak your own voice,” she continues. “It can be hard since we all read so many blogs these days, and it’s almost embedded into our brains! Just do you, post on social media and outfit-sharing sites, and the rest will come naturally.”


Lisa Dengler of gave some great advise to anyone wanting to start a Fashion blog, she said, “If you want it to be a business, then know that from the begging.” She adds, “Figure out what will make you stand out and why someone would want to read your blog over someone else’s. Then just go, go, go!”


That’s some seriously good advice from some of the best in the world, so inspirational.



How Can I Start My Fashion Blog?

We have a simple step by step tutorial you can follow to get your fashion blog up and running within 30 mins.

What Should I Write About On My Fashion Blog?

It’s usually best to choose a niche within the “Fashion” niche to focus your blog on, it may be a type of fashion, or product, for example bags, or shoes, or you might like to focus on Pregnant Fashion, or Runway Fashion.

How Do Fashion Bloggers Get Paid?

There are a few ways that fashion bloggers can get paid:

  1. You can get paid a commission on any products they recommend through various affiliate programs.
  2. Once you have built a solid fan base, you can be paid just to post about, or mention a product. (usually called influencer marketing)
  3. When your blog gets enough traffic, you can run ads through your posts and around your content and paid each time someone clicks as ad.
How Much Does It Cost To Start A Fashion Blog?

The only hard costs starting a fashion blog (or any other blog) are a domain name (around $9 per year) and web hosting ($2.95 per month).



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