If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into the vast world of affiliate marketing, you’ve probably heard of ClickBank. ClickBank can be an amazing platform to make some money on, but when you unbox it, it might seem a bit confusing. Luckily, if ClickBank has your attention, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to what we have to say.

Today, we’ll be going over several key aspects of ClickBank, and we’ll be breaking everything down to show you how it works.

If you’re someone who is on the fence about affiliate marketing, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the ClickBank marketplace, and you also might like to checkout our review of the Commission Hero Training course recently released by Clickbank’s #1 Affiliate.

In this brief guide, we’ll be going over a few key points such as:

  • What is ClickBank?
  • How does ClickBank work?
  • How to make money with ClickBank?
  • A brief summary of what we went over

So without wasting time, let’s get ready, and take a look at ClickBank.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank was invented a couple of years ago, and this online platform has one sole purpose or goal. That goal? To act as the middleman between affiliate marketers and businesses. Therefore, to define ClickBank simply, it’s a platform dedicated to affiliate marketing.

So when you think about ClickBank, you’ll want to think of it as a place to either start affiliate marketing, or as a place to connect with affiliate marketers ready to market your product. This means that ClickBank is actually quite handy for both affiliates and businesses, and to be quite honest, the platform is huge. You’ll be exposed to a vast network of products and services ready to be marketed.

Plus, not only does ClickBank allow you to start an affiliate marketing business, but they’ll also mentor you along the way. ClickBank has various advantages in the way of courses for you to follow, and even has a specific area for these courses called ClickBank University.

When you think about ClickBank, think of it as a place to start an affiliate marketing business. You’ll be exposed to plenty of products to market, and they provide the network for you. Plus, compared to a lot of other platforms, ClickBank pays pretty high commissions.

How does ClickBank work?

So now that you know what ClickBank is, at its core, it’s important to understand how the platform works. It’s actually pretty simple, and we won’t waste much time here, but it’s still good to understand how the platform works.

How do I get paid?

If you’re curious about how you get paid, the answer is quite simple. As an affiliate, you generate sales for a product, and with every sale you make you’re paid a commission. ClickBank focuses quite a bit on internet based products, so their commission can be upwards of 70% in a lot of cases.

How do I get started?

When it comes to getting started, all you need to do is sign up. Once that part is over with, you can get right down to it. You might want to take some time to learn the basics, but all you need to do is pick your product and get to work. You’ll be given a link, and that’s pretty much it.

What is the link for?

The link is the key to affiliate marketing through ClickBank, because it will allow you to track your sales. To put this simply, whenever someone follows your link, those cookies will be stored. Once that person purchases something, when using your link, ClickBank will compensate you.

ClickBank works in a really simple way. They provide you with a network of products ready for affiliate marketing, and provide you with a link to earn commissions on those products.

How to make money with ClickBank

Now that you know how the platform works, it’s time to really get down to the meat and potatoes. You want to make money on ClickBank right? Well, if you do, this section is for you. Plus, to be fair, it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds.

Choose a product

The first thing you’ll need to do, as an affiliate, is to choose a product that you like. Unfortunately, liking a product is not enough to make sales, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to sell this product as well. Once you have your product ready to go, the fun really starts to begin.

Build your funnel

A lot of people are scared off by the word “funnel,” but it’s a lot simpler than you think. A sales funnel is essentially just a way to bring your prospects through a sales process. In sales, it will take a few contact points with a prospect to land a sale, so setting up your funnel is important. Luckily, ClickBank makes this easy, and once you have your funnel set up money will start to come in with time.

Bringing traffic to your funnel

The final step, to make some real money on ClickBank, is to make sure you’re getting in front of people. Traffic can be many things, but you’ll want to make sure that your affiliate funnel is reaching people. Here are some common ways for you to drive traffic:

  • Creating a social media page
  • Using a blog to do product reviews
  • Hosting a website
  • Sending emails to an email list

Once you have all 3 of these components running well, you’ll discover that it’s quite easy to make some serious money on ClickBank. These 3 components will lead to sales, and with those sales, you’ll start to earn commission.

Making money online takes time, and to be honest with you, building an affiliate marketing business is going to take time. If you don’t land your first sale day one, give yourself time, and make sure you have patience.


Now, we know we presented you with a lot of information today about how to make money with ClickBank, but understanding ClickBank is important. So if you ever feel lost, please feel free to always refer back to this article as a guide. Unfortunately, if you want to learn more, you’ll just have to take a look at what ClickBank has to offer.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, from start to finish, ClickBank is one of the best platforms you can go with.

From start to finish ClickBank will make this whole affiliate marketing process easy for you, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take a lot of time. Make sure you give yourself a few months before you give up, because it might be a little while before you sell your first product.

Now that you know the facts, are you ready to give ClickBank a chance? A lot of people are making well over $1000 per day, and the good news is that you can too.

How can I promote ClickBank Products

There are many ways you can promote ClickBank's Products, if you have a website or email list you can add banners or text links to your site or emails to generate traffic. Or you can advertise on social or search networks to generate traffic to your Clickbank affiliate links.

Is ClickBank A Legitimate Company?

Yes, ClickBank has been in business for over 20 years, and pays it's huge affiliate network weekly commissions. They are one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the space.

How do you make money from ClickBank?

You can make money from ClickBank by sending traffic to various offers on the ClickBank marketplace in exchange for a percentage commission on any purchases made.

Can you really make money with ClickBank?

Yes you can! ClickBank has thousands of Affiliates earning a part or full time income promoting their products. Check out our reviews of one of ClickBank's #1 Affiliates who made over $1Million Dollars in a single month.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the worlds most popular and most trusted Affiliate market places with over 20 years in business, 6 Million Products and reach over 200 million customers around the world.

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