What Should You Blog About?


A lot of people get stuck on the question of what topic to build their blog about.  It’s probably the single most popular excuse I hear from people who say they want to start a blog, but never actually do it.

I agree, sometimes it can seem like a difficult task to choose a topic but you shouldn’t let that stop you from moving forward.

Too many people spend all their time searching for that perfect niche, only to find that such a thing doesn’t actually exist.

My advice is to look at 3 key areas, (personal interest, social interest, monetization) then just make a choice and get started, you can always change your mind, or even start a second or third blog once you know what you are doing.



Personal Interest:

Some people don’t think this is important, but I do. You are going to be spending a considerable amount of time reading, writing, posting, researching, conversing about which ever topic you choose to go with. So it’s important that you have at least some level of personal interest in the topic.

If you don’t have any interest, the chances that you will get bored, or lose interest are much greater, which is never a good thing for a blog.

So try to choose something you are interested in, a sport you like, a business you are knowledgeable about or a hobby you have (or want to have).


Social Interest:

Likewise, there is no point choose a topic that you are interested in, if nobody else in the world is. So you need to choose something that other people are interested (and even passionate about). The more people who are interested in a topic, and the more interest they have, the easier it will be to build an audience for your blog.

Social media sites are a great place to research to see if your idea for a blog interest is shared by other people. Jump on Facebook and search for pages that cover the same topics, see how many followers they have and how much they interact with the page. (like, share, comment etc).

If you find lots of social media engagement on your topic, then its a good sign that people are interested in it, and may find your blog of interest as well.

Don’t be scared off if there are a lot of other people already blogging about your topic, there is always room for more, or a slightly different take on things which you will provide.



The last thing you need to look for will depend on what your reason for starting a blog is in the first place.

If you are just looking to share your ideas and interact with people and have interest in generating an income form your blog, then you can skip this section.

But if you are interested in turning your blog into an income, be it a small part time one, to replace your main income, or to make millions of dollars, then you will need to assess the viability of the topic from a monetization view point.

There are lots of ways to make money from your blog, which we cover in more detail in our other tutorials, but for now, you just need to know that there are people selling things in your niche, or that your audience is the type of audience that advertisers might want to target.

Once you have considered these things, and your chosen blog topic and purpose all works, then go for it. Head back to the main tutorial and get your blog setup.

If you need a little more help choosing a topic, then we have put together a list of viable topics that you can choose from, or read through to get inspiration for your own ides.


Non Commercial:

If you are not interested in making money from your blog, then consider the following:

  • Personal Blog: A personal blog can just be for yourself or your family or friends, share stories and photos of your daily life.
  • Wedding Blog: If you are planning to get married you may like to celebrate the occasion with your own wedding blog.
  • Vacation Blog: Share your vacations with family and friends through a personal vacation blog.



  • Business or Company blog – To Support an existing business.
  • A Travel Blog – Build up enough audience and get free travel and accommodation.
  • Fashion Blog – Love Fashion? share and comment on various fashion topics.
    • Clothes, Hair, Nails, Jewelry, SHOES!!!
  • Luxury Items – I love my Louis Vuitton Collection (and yes, my blog helped me pay for it).
  • Mom Blog – Have Kids? Share your stories with other Moms
    • Stay at home moms
    • Work from home moms
    • Working moms
    • Dads, Parenting, etc
    • Kid’s games
    • Education / Schooling
    • Home Schooling
    • Birthday parties
  • A Food Blog, Cooking, Baking, Eating Out, Organic,  Gluten Free, Catering, Deserts, Desert Tables etc.
  • Hobbies – Fishing, Sewing, Kniting, Kite Surfing, Hiking, Camping, the possibilities are endless.
  • Money – Saving Money, Making Money, Tax Tips, Frugal Living, Investing.
  • Home Renovations / Extensions.
  • Cars – Racing, Muscle cars, Classic cars, Car Mechanics, Restoration.

These are just a few ideas, there are literally thoughts of topics you can start a blog on. I will be adding more to this list over time, so don’t forget to follow up on Facebook to be notified of updates.



Here Are Some Great Blog Ideas

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