How To Create A Battlefield Blog

Learn how to start a Battlefield blog and you could turn your favorite game into a topic that you never have to stop talking about. Although  you may have heard that creating a blog is difficult, there is no truth in this and anyone, even individuals without a bit of experience, will find it more than simple to make their own blog.

How to Make a Battlefield Blog

Making a Battlefield blog is as easy as creating any other blog! Yes, we did say easy, as no matter what you may have been told in the past, making a blog on your own is nothing hard. Anyone can do it, and with the many blogger platforms that are out there it doesn’t require that you have web design or even coding knowledge.

The first step in creating your blog is to choose a blogging platform. There are tons of them out there these day, any of which can guide you through the process of creating a blog, and even help you optimize it for search engine purposes. No longer do you need to buy a domain and invest a huge chunk of change to buy a domain or invest in a web designer. Check out Blogger and WordPress. Both offer free options and are very popular.

You will need to sit aside a bit of time to create the blogging site. Add a touch of color and personalize things just a bit. Then you can begin adding posts after they’ve been created. You will be given the option to publish your site live, but remember to do this only after you’ve published the blogs.

Let’s Talk About it

Next, research the game and look for things that really interest you. Whether you want to talk about

Write up a piece about the topics that you’ve chosen. Remember, the key to creating a good blog is to connect with the reader. Make it personal, but also make sure that it provides the reader with knowledge as well. Talk to the reader, and be sure that your blog is ended with a question that will engage reader in what you are taking about.

It is your choice as to the topics that are selected for the blogs, but be sure that you create a variety of posts on a variety of Battlefield topics. Create a rough draft of your article, then edit it. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors, as these things show a lack of professionalism and will turn a consumer away in a heartbeat.

Once all thumbs are up you have the okay to publish your blog live. Now the work has really just begun, as promoting that blog is something that you need to do to ensure its success. You will find multiple ways to promote your blog, including social media, SMS marketing, article directories, blog directories and more. Utilize them all and create interesting blogs and  before you know it your Battlefield blog will be on top!

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