What to do after buying a domain name

Laptop open to a website.

It’s probably one of the most common questions I get asked…

“I’ve Bought A Domain Name… Now What?”

My answer is always the same…. well that depends why you bought it?

Are you looking to build a website for a local business, or a content site? Is it an investment you plan to sell years from now? or are you looking at utilizing it right away.

The answers to these questions will determine what you should do with your newly acquired domain name.

Most commonly people buy a domain name because they want to build some type of website.

So the first step, once you have secured the domain name itself, is to get yourself a web hosting plan.

Every website needs 2 things,

A domain name (which You already have)

and a web host to “host” your website.

I personally use and recommend GreenGeeks.com as one of the fastest and cost effective web hosts around.

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