How To Start A Shabby Chic Blog

Designers all around the world have taken to the internet to profess their design philosophies and ideas.  You have consumed these ideas and philosophies like a ravenous bear. You love your design, and your design loves you. But what you really love is shabby chic. So much so that you are an absolute expert at it. Most of your friends and family know this and have used you on occasion to help them with their shabby chic decoration project. But what if you wanted to get that information on the internet.

What if you decided that others needed to know about cool ideas to implement for their shabby chic projects? You know how to achieve that proper distressed look, and you know what colors to choose. But you also have a creative flair that you have put into some of your shabby chic decorations that others have yet to see. You should want to know how to start a shabby chic blog. Not so you can stick your nose up in the air, and say how much more you know than others, but so you can share your grand ideas with others.

For someone into design, it might seem like an impossibility of starting a blog. But you know how to communicate with people in real life. It’s even easier when it comes to blogging. With the use of a camera, drawings, and simple instructions and information, you can create a real high end shabby chic blog. One that any of your friends and family would be proud to share with others.

You might not become the next decoration and design television star, but you become an expert as a shabby chic idea person. Because that’s what you will be, an idea person of all things shabby chic. If you build up enough of a reputation on the internet, you will be building a reputation that is exposed to a worldwide audience. So it’s not like writing one article a week in your local weekly, this is like writing an article a day across all the magazines and newspapers across the world. Though it’s not quite that simple, it will take a bit of time and effort on your part, but with that little amount of time and effort you will eventually be able to build a truly informative blog on shabby chic design and decoration.

It doesn’t take a lot to get started blogging. In fact it almost should never take any money to get started. It will take a little time, and a lot of love. Because without the love part, people will know when you are being insincere. The knowledge in your head is the first place to start. It’s the only reason you are thinking of doing this in the first place, for your love of all thing shabby chic. If you can figure out a few good ways to get some ideas down on paper, you can translate those ideas to a blog. That’s pretty much how to start a shabby chic blog.

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