How To Start A Photography Blog

Are you a budding amateur photographer or a blooming professional? No matter which category you fall in, have you ever considered starting your own photography blog? It may be intimidating at first, but if you know where to go, and how to do it, it’s as easy as setting the timer on your camera.

If you want to start your own photography blog, then I suggest that you start looking around at other photography blogs. How do they do what they’re doing? How do they make their pictures stand out? What are they doing to make people come to their site? Take notes of what you like and dislike about each site so you can apply that wisdom to your blog in the future.

The next thing that you want to figure out is who your audience is. Does it matter? Actually, it absolutely does! If you’re a photographer that sells your services to people (for celebrations, for senior pictures, for whatever), then you will want to go about it differently than someone who is just doing photography for fun. Who is your audience? Who will be looking at your blog?

Tips for blogs for professional photographers.

–          Your blog is more like a portfolio, so treat it like one. Put your best shots in there, your best foot forward. You can put edited and unedited photos in there, as well.

–          Make sure that, on your contract that you provide to the people you are photographing, that you make it clear that you have a blog and that their pictures may be on there unless they request that you don’t do so (and if they request, stick to that, no matter how good the pictures may be)

–          Interact with potential customers. Let your personality shine somewhat, because, if people like the “personality” that shines on the blog, they’re more likely to have a session with you.

Tips for blogs for amateur photographers.

–          Have fun with it. Put your best foot forward, but make sure that you’re putting pictures that you like up. Let your personality shine with your blog.

–          You aren’t a professional, so let people know that. They won’t bother you to do pictures for other reasons (unless you want them to, of course!).

–          Don’t feel like you have to stick to themes. Just do what you always do, share your “great shots,” don’t share the ones you don’t want to. You’ve got all the freedom in the world.

So, now that you understand a bit of what direction you should come from, get started. Seriously, it’s as easy as that. Start a blog, get it set up, make sure that you learn the code so that you don’t spam your page with pictures, scatter your posts so you don’t “run out” of photographs to post. Let other people know about your site via social media and other means (forums, friends, etc), and just run with it. Who knows what you’ll get started by having a photography blog. Dive in! Start today.

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