How To Make A Gardening Blog

If you’re someone who takes pride in your garden, why not start a gardening blog to show it off on the internet? Many gardens are hidden in back yards or other places where they don’t get much visibility. And depending on where you live, your garden might only be in bloom a few months of the year, despite all the time and effort you put into making it look its best during this time. Or maybe you keep an enormous garden all year round on Main St. in your town, but your relatives all live far away so they never get to appreciate it. If you kept a blog, you could share the fruits of your labor with loved ones and anyone else who was interested.

Keeping a gardening blog can also be a good way to document the things you’ve planted and when, the type of soil, how much water your area has been getting, and other comments about the environment that could affect the outcome of your garden. You could even post pictures of the plots of land that you use so that you can remember what you planted where and don’t have to guess until they begin to sprout.

It can be a great way to share advice and information with other gardening enthusiasts and becoming involved with a network of people with the same interest, even if they don’t live in the same area. As someone who likely enjoys being outdoors and working with your hands, you may not think you have the necessary skills to write a blog. However, it’s actually quite easy to start one, as the industry has become quite advanced in recent years and computer programmers have really taken most of the hard work out of the process. You won’t need to know how to write in code or do really anything complicated on the internet. There are lots of free tutorials available online that can help you get set up, and in addition, there are thousands of free templates available to help with formatting. As a result, all you really need to do is add the content, which can be just text, photos, video, or a combination of any or all of those forms of media.

Once the blog is up and running, you can use it for a variety of things. For example, you could treat it like a diary or journal and mostly update it for personal use. You could give the link out to your friends and family so that they could follow along with your gardening adventures. Or you could become active in the gardening blog community and try to share your blog with as many other gardeners as possible. It doesn’t have to be a time consuming endeavor, but can be a great way to document the process.

If you have a garden you want to show off or gardening expertise you’d like to share with others, think about starting a blog!

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