How To Make A Cooking Blog

Is your kitchen where you spend most of your time? Do you enjoy trying new recipes and experimenting with different foods? Do you also like to write? Then perhaps you’re considering starting a cooking blog.

Starting a cooking blog is a great idea for anyone who likes to cook and can cook well. Food is a very, very popular topic, and everyone likes to check out and try new recipes (that’s why Pinterest is so popular!). So, how do you get started? How can you jump into the world of blogging about cooking?

First, you should see how other people do it. Sit down and check out other blogs that talk about cooking and recipes. What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them? If you owned those blogs, what would you do differently? Write all of those ideas down, and make sure to apply them when you start your blog up.

After that, sit down and think about a theme. This is usually the hardest part of any blog. Is it going to be a generic “cooking” blog that could have any variety of cooking topics in it? Is it going to be a blog that focuses on kitchen gadgets? Are you only going to share recipes? Do you have a certain style of food that you cook (Oriental, Hispanic/Tex-Mex, American, grilling, etc)? Your theme is very important, because it will be the cornerstone of how you build up your blog.

Start gathering recipes. It’s safe to assume that because you are starting a cooking blog, you are likely to be sharing recipes. If you’re focusing on a variety of foods, then take the time to sit down and categorize them into different types of foods. If you’re focusing on a style or type of cooking, find another way to sort them. Imagine you’re taking your recipes and making them into a cookbook – how would you do it? This organizing will help you later as it will help you determine how you’ll tag your entries.

Getting started is quite easy, as well. Yes, all of this was the prep work. Now, we will start the physical blog.

  • Pick a name. Have it be relevant to what you’re writing about, and have your user name be related to the title in some way.
  • Sign up! Find the blogging platform that you want to use and sign up for a site. Or, if you’re doing a whole website, get all that coding stuff out of the way.
  • Start writing! A lot of people will make a blog and just fly out of the gate with it. Slow and steady wins the race, friend. Stagger your posts, schedule them for days in the future, make it so people will want to keep coming back for new content.
  • Share with the world. Use social media, get involved in cooking communities, and whatever else you can think of to get your content out to the masses.

Starting a blog is a worthwhile experience. It definitely takes work, but if cooking is your passion, then writing about it will be simple! Consider it today, you will not regret it.

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