Many people live for awards show season so that they can critique the attire of famous celebrities. This is obviously a fairly common pastime for many people, as there are entire shows featuring stylists on the red carpet discussing the dresses of female actors in tv, movies, and music. Fashion consultants and stylists are often paid big bucks to provide guidance to celebrities and make sure that they never make the Worst Dressed list after an awards show. With designers trying to outdo each other with the next big fashion fad, sometimes celebrities end up straying too far from the norm and look ridiculous. Being a good actor doesn’t mean they’re necessarily fashion savvy, and many people earn their livings providing insight into the world of fashion to these rich celebrities.

Joan Rivers has made nearly an entire career out of critiquing the outfits of other celebrities, and she doesn’t always have nice things to say. If you find yourself tuning in to these awards shows, not to see the winners, but to see the wardrobes, you are not alone. But you don’t need to just voice your opinions to the TV anymore. You could start a fashion blog to share your opinions with the world.

You could even combine photos, videos, and text, to give the full picture of your opinions on things. In addition, you could provide your own fashion rules or guidelines to help everyday people look their best. Who knows, maybe someone would even stumble on your blog who wanted to hire you as their personal shopper or fashion consultant! You never know until you try.

Even if you’re not very concerned with Hollywood fashion and are more interested in the types of clothing that you can afford and wear on a daily basis, you could still share your thoughts. People might be interested in seeing photos of your outfits each day and why you chose those pieces. They might be interested to hear about your favorite, affordable designers, or how you dress like you’re high society without needing a huge paycheck to back it up.

Another thing that could be really great to share with people on your fashion blog would be upcoming sales at local, national, or online stores. Every day, hundreds of items go on sale and many people have no idea. If you spend your time looking for great deals and discounts, you could share your findings with others. People would be greatly appreciative to learn how they can buy great, high quality items without spending an arm and a leg on them. You might even be able to make a little money off this, as some daily deal websites provide a small compensation to those who refer others to their site.

If you have an eye for fashion and enjoy putting together outfits, critiquing celebrity high fashion, and looking for great clothing deals, should be something that you consider.


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