How To Come Up With Name Ideas For Your Fashion Blog

You have to be systematic, intentional, and meticulous if you want to come up with naming ideas for your fashion blog- as the name is going to become a household name in the garment industry. So, you don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to make it classy whenever the name is mentioned in the future.

The blog name you choose goes a long way to determine how frequently your audience would visit your blog. It’s not enough to be enthusiastic about writing on trendy garments, you have to be creative about your blog’s name. 

If you’re looking to start a fashion blog, you need to be twice as creative, as this would make coming up with a name for your blog easier.  You need a name to perk up the interests of your audience especially if you haven’t gained the level of audience attention you seek. 

Keeping this in mind would definitely go a long way in helping you select the perfect name for your fashion blog. 

A unique blog name is one that seizes the moment and completely captures the full attention of your audience. Plus, a unique blog name brings on a steady flow of traffic in your audience level ,and in turn, you’d be getting loads of recommendations from an interested audience . 

Sticking with an attractive, clear, and engaging name would give a great head start. 

As simple as it may sound, we understand it could be a herculean task to select the right name for your fashion blogs. That’s why we have carefully identified six steps that could help you choose an engaging blog name for your fashion blog. 

6 Steps to Help You Select a Perfect Blog Name

A fashion blog with a fascinating name attracts and keeps a large-sized audience. On the other hand, one with an unattractive name or a name lacking strong flavour will not only turn away prospective audience, it will equally keep them far away.  

In selecting the perfect name for your fashion blog, there are essentials you need to take note of as these vital facts would make the whole process less stressful than it should be. 

Creating the perfect fashion blog name is not impossible. It’s actually easy if you pay attention to the steps listed here. 

Here are the five steps to help you select a perfect blog name

Step1: Start With An Objective

First of all, you must have a real and convincing objective for your fashion blog and in achieving this, a lot of work has to be inputted into critical analysis. You need to establish why you are starting a fashion blog. What kind of people are you aiming to attract? What do you want to offer your audience? 

After you can provide answers to those questions, note them down somewhere. This will help you get your bearings and also know your potential audience. Nobody wants to get lost while reading through your blog. For instance, if you choose to focus on modern fashion for men,your blog name should reflect this. A woman in search of trendy palazzos won’t click on a blog that seems to focus on male attires. You don’t want a situation whereby your fashion blog name doesn’t suggest your blog objective to your audience. 

Step 2: Research your competitor’s name

Before you skip protocol, an exclusive tip to easily select the perfect name for your fashion blog is to conduct a research on your competitor’s name. 

Your research should not only be limited to the internet.,Your family and friends could provide wonderful suggestions too. Obviously, your competitors’ sites could be an inspiration but do not steal or copy whatever you find there. Just see how you can adopt a similar style.

Researching helps make the entire process easier as you discover what your potential audience is used to.

Step 3: Brainstorm and Write

Armed with your objective and research, you now need to write down the suggestions that you must have thought of and that your friends or family must have suggested to you. Before you write, you need to brainstorm on the perfect choice for you. You have to consider them in the light of your objective.

Writing down the ideas of the various names that pop into your head is central to getting a perfect fashion blog name.

You can have up to thirty names written down.

Step 4: Shortlist!

Shortlisting the names you discovered in the process of brainstorming and writing is vital to helping you achieve the perfect result. 

You should shortlist the names based on their efficiency and effectiveness. In doing this, you can easily select the best names and get rid of the poor ones. 

In shortlisting, you can consider things such as syllable count (it’s not advisable for your fashion blog name to be more than two-syllable),  uniqueness (you don’t want to pick a name that’s already taken), audience-focused-keyword (you want to be sure you are targeting your audience in your fashion blog name).

Step 5: Use Keywords for your blog name

When a person searches the internet for a service, he looks out for what is directly related to his search topic. Allowing your fashion blog name to contain a keyword to topics that you write about gives readers the impression that your blog has more relevance to whatever they are searching for and they prefer to click on your article instead of other blog names that seem unrelated to their inquiry.

While focusing on having a keyword blog name, keep in mind that it has to reflect your objective.

Step 6: Choose a Simple Name

Your audience already had a long day and you don’t want to drive them away with complex names. Let simplicity be your greatest sophistication.

Why do you keep visiting sites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter? The answer is simple; they all have something in common which is simplicity. You hear about them and find it easy to pronounce them and viola! you can’t get that name out of your head.

Don’t just select any name, your aim is to give your targeted audience ease in reaching you. The shorter your fashion blog name is, the easier it is to memorize, and the better it gets for you because you’ll keep attracting tons of traffic to your blog.

In establishing your fashion blog as a brand, you need an attractive blog name. Your blog name helps to keep your audience loyal and ensure a steady increase in their numbers. 

Coming up with the right fashion blog names might not be so easy as you have to understand your objective, conduct research, brainstorm, write, shortlist and then choose one with an audience based target keyword. It may look tedious but the end result is worth the time spent.

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