How To Build A Cancer Blog

Having someone get diagnosed with cancer is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a family. Whether you personally have been diagnosed or whether it’s a loved one, there are a lot of emotions and a lot of tough times. One way to deal with these times is through a blog. It’s easy to start a cancer blog and the benefits, both to you and other people, can be incredible.

One of the toughest parts of a cancer diagnosis is dealing with all the unknowns. A lot of questions are raised and there are often times not a lot of answers for them. It can be very difficult to live with this unknown and writing down feelings can help sort through them. When you don’t know how long you or your loved one has to live, it can be very difficult to continue on with everyday life.

In addition, the treatment process is no cake walk, either, and can be very difficult to be a part of or have to watch a loved one go through. Hopefully you have a support system to help deal with these tough times, but even if you do, sometimes you can feel totally alone. In the event you are in this position and are going it alone, keeping a blog could help you feel connected to other people and like you have a support system, even if they’re virtual.

By sharing your families experience with cancer, you could help another family get through its own diagnosis. It can seem like a very dark and endless tunnel and it could help to read about the journey of another family in a similar situation. It’s very important to not feel alone at a time like this and it can also help to have someone besides doctors to talk to and ask questions of. While most doctors are trained to work medicinally and clinically, not all of them are trained to work emotionally and may not have the best bedside manner or really know how to deal with the psychological aspects of the diagnosis. Being in contact with other people who have been in your shoes can do wonders for the process.

Whether you decide to document the entire journey from diagnosis to treatment and remission, or whether you write as a reflection of the past, there’s no wrong way to start a cancer blog. Hopefully you have a happy ending to your story, but it can also be a great emotional outlet for your grief to write about your experiences. Even if the cancer goes into remission, there can still be a lot of leftover feelings and doubts about whether it’ll return and if life will ever be normal.

You don’t need to know a lot about computers to, you just have to be willing to share yourself with the blog. For the rest, you can use templates and tutorials to deal with the formatting and such.

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