Here’s How To Start A Baby Blog

Having a baby, whether your first, second, or eleventh, is a very exciting time. Many women love being pregnant and experiencing the changes in their bodies that come with the pregnancy. Even the less than pleasant side effects, like morning sickness, are all a part of the process and that definitely makes putting up with the more tolerable. Despite the fact that a pregnancy lasts nearly 10 months, it can all seem like a blur. One day you’re finding out you’re pregnant in the first place, and then next thing you know you’re learning how to nurse and change a diaper. While you might feel like you’ll remember everything about being pregnant and having a baby, it’s likely that it’ll all blend together and the memories will become less distinct.

One way to make sure the memories stay alive is to keep a baby blog. It’s easy to set up a blog to document your experiences. You can even select a baby themed template and the blog will be formatted around your young one. You can document everything from the initial pregnancy test to finding out the sex of the baby to picking out a crib and decorating a nursery to informing other children and family members about the new arrival.

On a baby blog, you can document your feelings, whether anxious, excited, overwhelmed, or some crazy emotional combination. It can also be a really great resource for your baby when he or she gets older, as it would be really fun to look back through and see what the family was going through in anticipation of his or her arrival. You and other family members could even write messages to the baby that he’ll get to read when he’s older.

Another reason that keeping a baby blog can be great is to help other expectant and new mothers and fathers with the process, what to expect, and how to handle it. It can be quite overwhelming, both for first time parents and for experienced ones, alike, so the blog could be a good way to share with others what worked for you and give advice. Since every baby, every family, every pregnancy is different, there’s no single right way to raise a child. It can help to have a variety of resources so that parents can pick and choose the methods and pieces of advice that make the most sense for them and their babies. There’s no one size fits all parenting trick, but becoming a part of the blogging community could help get you connected to other parents who have similar parenting styles, or even introduce you to parents with very different styles. You never know what you could learn and who you’re going to learn it from.

To document your pregnancy and baby’s early life, you should think about keeping a blog with your feelings, experiences, and pictures documenting the process. It’ll help not only with your sanity, but also with memory preservation.


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