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I built this site to help you start and grow your own online business. Inside you will find free tutorials that show you everything from how to choose a niche, pick a  host, build your website, get traffic and of course monetize your site.

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Sure is, Check out some of my results…

Below are just a few of the websites I have built and made money with. Each site is always a bit different but they all start the same.

SOLD FOR $1,016,000

Site Niche: Make Money Online

​This site was one of my first big wins online. I mean I had made good money before, but banking 7 figures took things to a new level.

SOLD FOR $42,800

Site Niche: Medical Training

A small informational site that I built around a medical training niche, It made up to $5k per month, and I sold it at auction for $42,800

SOLD FOR $110,000

Site Niche: Rental Property

I built this site to compete with the big guys in the rental industry, but ended up selling it for $110k when one of my competitors offered to buy me out.


Site Niche: Web Hosting

This was a fun site to build, I had a couple of the biggest companies on the internet in a bidding war for my traffic for a while there.


Site Niche: Gold Investing

Used a “Parasite” SEO technique with this site, and spent only $1700 on the site that generated over 1.1M in sales and about $40,000 commission


Site Niche: Coffee Mugs

This one is actually a Shopify store that sells funny coffee mugs. I still own this one and it’s been putting money in my bank account every week now for over 3 years.

MADE UP TO $31,732 /MTH

Site Niche: Health & Fitness

Another one of my current projects, so far this site has made up to $30k in a month, but I have much bigger plans for this… stay tuned.

MADE UP TO $17,784 / MTH

Site Niche: Survival Gear

Survival is a huge niche, and I know some who make 7 figures a month, but this was just a little site promoted through FaceBook that generated up to $17k a month in ad revenue.


Online Tutorials

Once you register you will get free access to all of our Step by Step Guides and Easy to Follow tutorials. I have laid everything out so even the most beginner can get started today.


Niche Selection


Choosing A Domain


Commission Hero Review


Building A Website


Best Web Hosting


Monetizing Your Site


Learn From My Experience

The sites I showed you above are just a fraction of the sites I have built or worked on over the past 20 years. So no matter what type of site you’re looking to build, I am sure I can help point you in the right direction.

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"This is INSANE... This site has some of the best internet marketing training I have ever seen. I can't believe your not charging for it..."


John Shaw
Shop Across – FOUNDER

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I am always learning new strategies and techniques to improve my websites, so when I do learn and test new ideas, I will share them here.

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